Samsung 49" CHG90 QLED Gaming that possible?

  • I don't know about this monitor in particular, but when I am not using VR I use a three monitor setup which is approximately 5800 x 1080 in resolution and it runs very well. The only problem is the monitor edges cutting through the view. I can't see why one monitor at a lower number of pixels should be a problem.

  • Have a look at the 34" Dell 3415 (or whichever version of it is showing - there are now several). It uses the same resolution as the 49" Samsung.

    I've been using the Dell now for approx 3 years and am very happy with it. Plus on sale I picked it up for well under $1000 Canadian dollars.

  • I run a Dell 29" ultrawide monitor for AFS2 and find it a very satisfying experience.

    That Samsung caught my eye too, should work beautifully.

    If I were in the market I'd buy one - the "Double 16:9" aspect is clever thinking, not only for gaming.

  • I don't have but personally used this monitor in a local computer shop. For whatever it's worth these are my comments regarding it.

    1) This monitor is too wide to be practical use even in a flight simulator application. It's sheer size will force you, instead of using your eyes to follow the important parts of the display, to turn your head to view those side panel scene areas. In a few minutes this caused neck pain for me and I'm sure can cause nausea, possibly not quite bad as a VirtualReality device, but plenty enough to stop playing your game.

    2) While this monitor is probably good quality its screen ratio means that you'll have no real improvement in your overall view of the important details. It's only a 1080 (vertical) pixel size so your plane and instruments, dials will be in best case only slightly larger (14.5") that that of 24" monitor's.

    3) I'm not a gamer and cannot comment at all about its functionality in fast, shoot them up games.

    The decision is of course always the buyer's but these are things that you may want to consider.

    I'm using a DELL-P4317Q 43" monitor that would be the maximum size I'd recommend for gaming. Even when sitting 27" from its screen at times I must crane my neck to follow the action. Anything larger would get tiring real soon. Recall when you were a kid and sat in the first row in the movie theater. It has its drawbacks. This is a 4K monitor which is really what you want for better resolution and has a 21" high screen (vs 14.5" of the Samsung you interested in.)

    In retrospect I'd by a good quality 4K TV monitor (if possible with Display Port connection). Those typically have very good adjustment capabilities including a remote controller, that is way superior to some built in push buttons setup control in traditional monitors.) Most also have the advantage of automatically up-scaling to 4K resolution, attempting to smooth and improve the graphical contents of programs like Microsoft FSX where many of the traditional planes, backgrounds, and texture resolutions are fairly poor.