• The Bahamas are now open. Any of the islands can be upgraded to high def scenery and an airport or two added. This is Nassau, Bahamas.



  • Hi Phil.

    tested ans very good... a little bit for Future at tool...;)


    The easiest solution would be... I think... with taxiways.

    Insert a button in the task, example building button for Taxiways, there a mask with different finished flat courses, in each case 1x 30 degrees, 1x 60 degrees, 1x 90 degrees, 1x acute angle for 90 degrees around a surface or a straight course to add. As well as various straight pieces and surfaces.

    The whole perhaps still in two texture options, tar and concrete surface.

    The width would be variable as with the runways.

    That would be a modular principle.:)

    Or free polygon selection with Lines Button for yellow follow line.:/

    Please no grid like in AC3D...this is much too complex and does not go well in curves. Too much work.:(

    Unfortunately, not all buildings can be added exactly in parallel

    Some no problem and some with 1-2 degrees difference.


    And many Thx for that tool


  • AMAZING work Phil! I hope IPACS buys you lunch because this is exactly the sort of tool that will help Aerofly grow, and turn every user into a custom-content creator.

    I can tell you've poured your heart into this and it really shows. I haven't tried it yet, but from watching the video it looks like you've created a very well thought-out UI that is clean, easy to use, intuitive, and efficient too. Getting all of this up and running with so much functionality and such a polished UI must have been an immense amount of work!

    Thank you very much for all the time you invested into this, and for making and sharing such an awesome thing for us all to use. Great job / major kudos / firm handshake and a pat on the back! ^^:thumbup:

  • Phil, if I create an airport in Texas where there is not any hi-res scenery already in place like the US west coast or US east coast, how do I add hi-res scenery for my new Texas airport?


    You need to use FSET and GeoConverter to build the new non-DLC scenery. I usually make a fairly large “flyover” area using download level 2 - 4, processed at level 9 - 11, depending on the size, then I make high definition areas of dl 1, @ 9 -14, for each airport or sometimes a group of airports. This is usually a rectangle generally aligned with the runways to cover the approaches and departures.

    Both Houston and Dallas areas have excellent quality hd scenery available.

    I have built most of the scenery for Texas already, all except the far west and far north. What airports are you looking to add?



  • Here's my initial 10 for Texas = DFW Intl, Love Field, Addison, McKinney, Wichita Falls, Paris (TX), Waco, Cedar Park (private airport near Austin), Corpus Christi, and Port Aransas.

    Nothing far west or far north.


    These are not very close to each other so you will need to decide how much scenery you want to build. I think I have done 7 of the 10. My son lives in the pattern for Breakaway which is only few miles from the grass strip in Cedar Park. I have all the larger ones done already in addition to a lot around Houston and all from Waco to San Antonio. I lived in Georgetown for a few years after I retired.

    I would recommend you try to make one area for Dallas that covers the first four. You will need a separate area for each of the others.

    I have 3 or 4 airports in my Waco group and 3 in my Corpus group.

    If you like, we can start a Conversation and I can show you some of the completed areas.



  • My brother has a house & plane at Breakaway. I'll send you a conversation once I start on the DFW area (maybe tonight).

    What happens with FSCloudPort airports if someone creates a duplicate? Do you get to pick which version to download or is only the latest version available?

  • My brother has a house & plane at Breakaway. I'll send you a conversation once I start on the DFW area (maybe tonight).

    What happens with FSCloudPort airports if someone creates a duplicate? Do you get to pick which version to download or is only the latest version available?

    Right now, it is not possible to create a duplicate. The system will reject the second one. We have plans to be able to share or to assign a secondary owner for an airport if requested and approved by both parties, but this is not ready yet.

    Looking at the groupings, you might want to make a flyover area of 3 of the Dallas airports just to see how long it takes and see how it looks. The files sizes are horrendous when you get in to the larger areas with HD. My Dallas airports area file is 4.64 GB for the dl 1- levels 9 - 14. but I have a smaller 3 ar file that is only 734 MB.

    My son lives in Avery Ranch up front near Palmer so he in looking right down the runway path. Palmer curves around Breakaway, Texas did not have enough money to buy the right of way.



  • i agree that's how i see the user interface. The tricky bit is incorporating those sections of asphalt into the model. We need some modifications by Ipacs to make that possible.

    Buildings rotate by +/- 1 degree so you should be able to align them.

  • Here are a few screenshots from some simple airports that I made for Italy, Pisa and Turin. Pisa small.bmpTurin small.bmpTurin 2 small.bmpTurin 3 small.bmp

    But you can make giant airports too, like Paris Charles de Gaulle. Paris 6 small.bmp

    The screen shots do not do this process justice. Download a few airports and see for yourself. You will soon be making your own and loving it. It is great fun!

    Thy display well here. Excellent work. A geoconversion of some parts of Italy is pending for me.

    Cheers, Ed