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  • You have a lot of entries like

    ERROR: (geometry 'G:\Aerofly FS 2 addons\addons/scenery/places/Kennedy_Space_Center/KTIX/.tmb' not found)

    Did you make the proper entry for your sceneries to be found on drive g:? Your file

    C:\Users\eigenaar\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\main.mcf should have an entry

    <[string8][extra_user_folder][G:\Aerofly FS 2 addons\addons]>

    (I think, that schould be the proper one for you.) Maybe, something is wrong with this entry?

    Besides, did you try to not install the named addons unter G:\ but directly under C:\Users\eigenaar\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\Scenery?

    Kind regards, Michael

  • Thanks for your reply.

    See my post above: another try with a new tm.log

    More than a year I have the addons in my G drive and I have the right entry in main.mcf.

    Never had any trouble.

    Of course I tried putting the addon in Documents/.... to exclude every possibility

    But I found the culpritt, my graphic settings were messed up although I didn't touch it since long ago.

    Maybe because of the update?

    Nevertheless, it is working again!

  • I completely forgot to mention... Reinstalling Aerofly wasn't the fix..

    But I found the culprit, my graphic settings were messed up although I didn't touch it since long ago.

    JetFlyer is correct. Adjusting my Building Density settings from Medium to High was the actual fix, and I even wrote this in a private message to Jeff and Jan. (horrible memory)

    For VR performance purposes, I have had my Building Density settings set to medium and have never had a problem. Until either the IPACs update, or perhaps a Windows, Nvidia update? Forgive me Thuster for telling you to reinstall Aerofly. I have a very bad memory and this only happened last week...

  • Can someone please point me to the documentation or some examples of how we can now add xref virtual objects to an airport via a TOC file?

    The following file (named in my setup as "propriano_ajaccio_vor.TOC") will add a VOR object (vor2 from the xref) near Ajaccio in Corsica (see the coordinates). The rest I think will explain for itself.







    <[vector3_float64][position][8.7746901 41.7705251 0]>






    The TSC file "calling" for that object is the following one:




    <[string8][sname][VOR object Ajaccio]>

    <[string8][lname][VOR object]>

    <[string8][icao][VOR AJO]>



    <[vector2_float64][position][8.7746901 41.7705251]>


















    As you could see, it's relatively easy.

    Cheers, Ed

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