FSCloudPort Support Thread

  • Antoine:

    Great work, worked directly as described:

    I made a xref folder in the user_scenery folder:

    Called the objects like this in a TOC file:

    And the (too?) perfect result is:

  • A bit of roughing up is always nice... we'd have to impose on Antoine again though

    Currently these water towers all share the same raw silver texture.

    If you create a new texture using the same mapping then you just convert it and overwrite the current one, just like for any repaint. No need for Antoine.

    If objects need a different mapping, then they must be reimported in 3DSmax and recompiled.

    In case you want to reimport towers, or add further objects in the xref library, the most convenient format for importing objects into 3DSMax is the wavefront .OBJ format with .bmp textures, with explicit namings following IPACS conventions.

    For instance, Tee_40 is not an explicit name to me for an xref object ; water_tower_tee_40 is more explicit for an object.

    You can easily convert/rename textures and generate .obj files using MCX in order to get the desired input format for 3DSMax.

    BTW if anyone has AC3D, you can also try importing objects and generating an xref library. There are good chances that it works too.



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