Aerofly not running or looking good anymore

  • hi I have not used aerofly for a couple of months as I had removed from my system as I was fed up of the stutter and bad shimmering and bad a a even in 2d I done a full reinstall of afs yesterday,latest nvidia drivers lower settings all to no avail but nothing had improved ,when I first installed afs and my first flight over New York in vr it ran so smooth and all the buildings looked amazing all settings on ultra apart from shadows but for some reason something changed and I don't know what,my other sim I use runs so smooth and looks great so am looking for any help to get afs running nice again my system i7700 1080 gpu and 16g of ram.


  • Hi Jim,

    please open your tm.log file located in your Aerofly FS 2 folder in your user documents, see if your can find the section where it says which graphics card is used for Aerofly. Maybe you are running aerofly on the graphics chip of the processor, not the actual graphics card you have which would explain a bad performance. Then please save the file as a text file (.txt) and upload it for us here in the forum, maybe we can find the cause of your stutters.