Aerofly FS2 Addon Aircraft

  • I did download the DR400 file without problem.

    However, there is a problem to install it.

    I decompressed and copied the file and pasted it in:

    C: \ Users \ (Users)GeF \ Documents \ Aerofly FS 2 \ addons \ aircraft \ dr400

    and also in:

    C: \ Users \ (Users)GeF \ Documents \ Aerofly FS 2 \ aircraft \ dr400.

    However, at startup, I do not see the DR400 in the choice of aircraft!

    Thank you for helping me because I really want to fly this plane, it's my plane-fetish, I've done a lot of hours with it.

    Best regards.

  • Well, usually, when there's an upgrade in AFS2, the DR400 gets broken and it can take quite long to have a fix.

    Last update for instance was 2 months ago and still no fix for the DR400.

    In the meantime I fixed it by myself, at least partially. What doesn't work with current release is the mouse clicks in the cockpit (you can click, but there's no more effect)=> the controls.tmd file structure slightly changed, I just has a closer look at the controls.tmd for the C172 to fix the DR400.

    GPS and radio stack display also don't work anymore in my case, and I couldn't get them back yet.

    Regarding FlyingGeF, please have a look at the Aircraft tutorial…php/sdk:aircraft:tutorial

    It shows step by step how to convert and install the DR400, you don't need other tools than the AFS2 SDK and you're done within a couple of mouse clicks.

    Good luck



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