Attemtping to build an airport using SketchUp 2017

  • Not sure I understood everything you said, but I think I got the gist of it.

    Anyway here is test 3, in the left vertical bands I created different weights to see if they do anything.

    Most left "column" is smooth and soft, then soft, then smooth, then "hidden" but solid. Let's see if that does anything.

  • And I don't know much about airports, but for Apollo stuff and others I created quite a few objects that "go underground" so the blending is nice.

    Bottom line I created objects that extended below ground level so that the blending would be the ortho intersection (controlled by Z positioning). It looks great, blends textures, and if we were to ever have dynamic water for example then the shores would automatically be dynamic as well.

    Maybe similar issues on airport can be solved that way or with other methods. Again I'm not familiar with what the issues are with airport building versus general scenery, or objects (3D buildings).

    Take a look at the locks, or the Port canaveral Cruise terminal, both are big objects including ground around that sink into the ortho because of volume necessities. Airports should not be too different I think, and since it's almost always pretty flat, to create an entire airport in Sketchup would be really fast.

    I assume the biggest issue comes from interaction/collision with the planes and the ground features. Since I don't know how that is implemented I don't know what are the potential issues and solutions.