Spektrum ws1000 wireless dongle works with Mac! (Probably PC too)

  • I just wanted to leave a quick post that the Spektrum ws1000 wireless dongle works just fine with RC7 and Mac. It is compatible with PC too, but I haven't tested it yet.

    My current setup is Mac OS 10.8.5 (Legacy OS) and Spektrum DX6 (V2 with voice) on RC7 Ultimate. Sometimes, I use a Thunderbolt to HDMI cable and Samsung TV too which works just fine.

    History: I started with a Game Commander and Aerofly 5, then upgraded to Simstick Pro and DX9, and then upgraded to RC7 and switched to my travel TX DX6. This worked well up until a couple months ago, when the Simstick SIM Lead suddenly stopped recognizing my TX. Thus, I gave the ws1000 a shot and it has worked well for a few weeks now with some tuning in the "Advanced Controller Settings" to change the throttle direction and a few other things for gliders. I believe this is a much better solution than the bulkier set of parts required for Simstick.

    Fair Winds,


  • The Spectrum WS1000 wireless Dongle works perfectly with my 2013 iMac on MacOS 10.13.5, with either a Spektrum DX6 v2 or an Orange transmitter. It has been flawless since first bind.

    Lots of stick-time on the sim and in the air. Love building foam board planes. Wish the tools were here to build for the SIM.