Quick Progress Report

  • Just landed at Edwards AFB In Kern County CA. Looks like the US Government has a big sandbox to play in and a lot of time on there hands. It might be Jeff and his friends But It is great work and the view from the air is perfect now off to Monument Valley. If your near Southern NV fly just E of the runway in Area 51. Thanks to the poster of sometime ago that posted about it.

  • Jeff,

    Thanks for the update and insights into the status of various projects. My appreciation to you, the other developers, and our community contributors for all that Aerofly is today, it is a joy to fly. The quality of what has been produced is outstanding. I just closed out after a flight in the Lear landing at JFK. Taxing to gate with the sun setting both in sim and outside really helped take me away after quite a long work week.

    I would like to suggest you seek out some in our community who you think are good at making Aerofly videos. Perhaps someone would be willing to produce an updated promotional video. The one on steam has been around for a while and while acceptable doesn't quite show the current evolution of the product. There are many active FSX:SE users out there who will, overtime, be transitioning to a new sim.

    Keep up the good work and extend a thanks to IPACS et al for welcoming, and responding to, user input - it's hard to be successful, or enjoy the fruits of your labor if you work in a bubble.


  • As a member of the IPACS team I promise to work harder at trying to relay as much information as I can to all of you. I will also try to be a little more forgiving here on the forum itself. We looked at this forum as a business marketing tool as well as a place for new users to come onto here to easily get their questions answered rather than a social hangout. This may not be the perfect approach so I'll begin to provide regulars with more freedom here in order to build a stronger core user base. But please understand that we can't allow for certain things like; acting negatively towards another forum member, posting direct links to downloads outside (like Dropbox) as this opens security holes into our domain, being too negatively opinionated towards one of our features upon release as this may shine negative light on potential new buyers.

    But please remember, it's not just the developer that can make a great game, it's also the strong community that backs it up and promotes it. So be a part of our little family and help us make the best flight simulator ever. It's what we all want after all, isn't it?

    Jeff, I think I probably speak for several others here when I say we appreciate this, and you talking openly to us about it. But while we're on this topic and addressing small changes-- part of the issue is that (unless I missed it) there are no forum rules posted anywhere. These things we aren't supposed to be doing are unknown to us. And then when we get our posts deleted or edited because of it, and no comment is left by the moderator as to why, we just sit here getting more annoyed and frustrated trying to understand what we did wrong or why we are being silenced.

    There are some very small changes you guys could make here that would improve things a lot, and I really don't think it's much to ask. 'admin' (I think that's Torsten?) shut down that thread I made really quickly, when all I was asking for was that when you edit our posts, instead of wiping them entirely, you edit what you need to and then leave a very short explanation as to why it was done. A few words would suffice, e.g. 'mod edit: external linking not allowed.' This would prevent a lot of negative feelings and misunderstandings, and I can't imagine it would take more than an extra few seconds to do. It also shows that our words have been edited by someone other than ourselves, which IMO is a standard of transparency for web forums which shouldn't even be up for debate.

    Also, I know you guys have mentioned before that you don't want to make a rigid set of forum rules, but frankly you need something. You can't expect us to follow them even we don't even know what they are. Regarding dropbox links, I had no idea that wasn't allowed until you stated it in your PM to me, and now again here. Plus, it's not even consistently enforced, because I have a post that has not been redacted with a link to my Excel tool to calculate AeroFly grid coordinates (here: Image tile coordinates). I have updated that link *numerous* times; surely one of you saw it by now, yet it's still there. There are some other posts of mine which also contain dropbox links that didn't get edited either.

    I completely understand that moderating these forums is a thankless, time-consuming, and frustrating job, and it has showed occasionally in your tone in some of your responses here. I get it; it would drive me nuts too. I don't envy you guys one bit for having to manage so much with so few people, and we do all really appreciate the good job you do here as well as with the sim. But, being resistant to our feedback about things that would help maintain some of the positive feelings and peace here isn't helping you or us. I had a good long thought about whether or not I wanted to keep helping and posting here at all over the last couple days, after how that whole thing with silently editing/deleting our posts was handled, and the reply that basically said 'This is how it is. Conversation over.'

  • I know this is on the PC thread, but I still hold a small glimmer of hope for updating the mobile version. Aerofly 2 is still the best sim for mobile. There is a large audience to be found on the platform. That being said, a search on the U.S. apple app store today for “flight simulator” shows Aerofly 2 as #107 on the list (most of which aren’t even flight simulators). I wonder what affects the spot on the list: maybe number of reviews, time since last update, etc? Something could be done to increase its visibility. I’ll keep hoping.

  • Great update!! DCS does a weekly Friday update... it really is great! It doesn't have to be a major announcement every week, but just a little something that keeps us involved as a FS2 group.

    Keeps momentum going with the user base.