In anticipation of TrueEarth Netherlands: AA improvement?

  • I have been flying over the Netherlands (in P3D) since the day it has been released. It took me quite some time before I could get things to run a bit satisfactory but after getting that done I was very happy with what I saw. In fact, I am so happy with what I am seeing that current Aerofly FS 2 scenery isn't very appealing anymore (for various reasons I won't get into now). So I can't wait to see this scenery in Aerofly FS 2! Because good as it may look in P3D right now, performance is really struggling! (Obviously.) Even with settings which are comparable to AFS2! I am a 100% certain Aerofly FS 2 will perform a LOT better! I can't wait to see all that detail passing by real smooth!!!

    There is one thing that concerns me though: AA. In P3D things look rock solid with 8xSSAA (using P3D's own settings) but in AFS2 I do see shimmering in the distance as soon as cultivation comes into view. So my question is: is there a way I can improve AA so things look absolutely rock solid?

    I am flying at a regular 1920x1080 resolution with the ultra preset (and obviously not in VR).

    BTW I also can't wait for the announced TrueEarth PNW! As I said current AFS2 scenery doesn't cut it for me anymore, apart from maybe some places around the canyons, but as soon as cultivation comes in play, and also 'greener grounds', TrueEarth simply rules big time! With the Netherlands and PNW I know I will be entertained for months if not years.

  • Er... could be z-fight too but I have no clue what that is. ;) It simply looks like the effect I get in P3D when I don’t use 8xSSAA: shimmering stuff in the distance. No matter what it is I’d like to get the same rock solid graphics in AFS2 as I can get in P3D because it actually makes a world of difference when it comes to immersion and realism. A bigger difference than I ever thought.

  • have to agree with J van E and that's why I don't do much simming in afs2 and now use p3d with 8xssaa looks really good I have mentioned in past post about the shimmering until this is fixed I will use p3d for truearth, pnw Pacific north west


  • TrueEarth PNW refers to a remake of Orbx Blue Pacific Northwest the award winning scenery region that set the bar a number of years ago for flight sim addons. I think more add-on airports by Orbx exist for this region than any other and the Orbx plan hints that they intend to port/update some of those airports over to AFS2 in due time - perhaps a considerable number. Many consider it one of the most evolved and diverse areas to fly, so I like, J van E am so looking forward to this.

    J van E, with respect, please refrain from knocking Aerofly scenery until it's had a few birthdays, I think what is available is enjoyed by many. ;) I venture an educated guess that one catalyst that encouraged Orbx devs to develop TrueEarth in the first place was when they got their hands on Aerofly and saw what was being produced.

    Regarding AA - running in 4k really does reduce the need for AA (not entirely but it is much better for me) I know many don't run that resolution so it is kind of a mute point. I do recall a few posts a while back that IPACS was experimenting with some AA of their own, so perhaps we will see that in-sim at some point.

    I assume you have tried your GPU anti-aliasing settings? I had crystal clear cultivation and 3d objects the other day when I cranked up my GPU anti-aliasing, but then performance really suffered as my 1060 was not up to the task at 4k - even in this taxed state AFS2 still ran smoother than I ever could get my other sims.

  • Everything looks Better in VR.

    Well, not the shimmering... 8o The immersion with VR is superb and awesome but you can't honestly say the graphics look better: they look worse. That's a simple fact.

    J van E, with respect, please refrain from knocking Aerofly scenery until it's had a few birthdays, I think what is available is enjoyed by many.

    With equal respect ;) I don't see why I shouldn't say that after experiencing TrueEarth the current default (and DLC) scenery from Aerofly FS 2 has lost its appeal... I know it is enjoyed by many but certainly not all (even by some who did NOT experience TrueEarth) and I don't see why only the (apparent) majority may say what they like to say. The (apparent) minority should also be heard. ;)

    But apart form that, I don't think I knocked it: I said it "isn't very appealing anymore" and that it "doesn't cut it for me anymore". That's not knocking it. Knocking it would be saying things like "it sucks" and "it's bad" and I certainly didn't say anything like that. I think I worded my view on Aerofly's default scenery and my preference for TrueEarth very politely. ;)

  • J van E,

    You are right in your exposition: (I said it "is not very appealing anymore"); What happens when we analyze opinions, there are almost always two points of view, and any of them is valid before a certain group of people, but also it is, the opposite (for the other group of people).

    An example of what is said now: everyone is very impressed by the VR, everyone expresses it as something very sublime, and yet, I have not seen anyone describe the defects that this technology still presents, well, to anyone , except for J van E, who has also exposed it several times (that I have seen). I have not yet tried the VR, and consequently I can not comment with rigor, however, I am sure that the vision in VR, still has to improve (and quite a lot): certainly it does not look like a flat screen (and that's what I aspire to, that's why I have not bought the Oculus yet, or another equivalent).

    Well, and I add to what was said by J van E: You have extensive experience in Sim flight. and naturally you aspire to have better Sims every day, and ... me too !, and everyone aspires to that! Therefore, you must understand that point of view of J van E. He has the sincerity to express it as he feels it, something that most of us do not dare to do, simply because we know that the forum is contrary to that type of affirmations. And I, as an entrepreneur, understand it perfectly. Now, with that said, I also say that: "no one is superior to another in all aspects". Ipacs, has a magnificent Simulator, but in some characteristics, others surpass it; that's the way things are, and that is how we should understand them. Anyway, like J van E, I'm hoping to be able to fly in AFS2, with that technology "TrueEarth PNW" or its equivalent, and I repeat: fly in AFS2.

    You are also right in your affirmation (and reaffirmation): "I think I worded my view on Aerofly's default landscape and my preference for TrueEarth very politely".

    Yes, you have expressed it correctly, but in a very simple and direct style, and this way of expressing certain convictions, sometimes suppose, a confrontation since telling the truth with a very simple style, both in politics and in companies, can interpret also perversely.

    And now I want to ask another favor from anyone who wants to do it: Can someone provide me with a flight video link about "TrueEarth PNW" or its equivalent?

    Kind regards: Delfin

  • J van E - I simply enjoy posts that are of the glass half full variety with unnecessary editorials removed. I do appreciate your perspective though, you are a valued contributor on many forums!

    On the subject - does IPACS have any plans to incorporate AA into the sim especially as cultivation and 3d objects present are ever increasing?