Autoland fail a320 new user

  • Hi there,

    Sorry for my bad English,

    Im a new player and i love this game! Bud i have a auestion about autolandint with the a320.

    I set the altitude to 2000ft and if i let the autopilot follow the ils. He desent to 2000ft and evertrhing is on.. a lots of times he desent to 2000ft and flys on 2000ft over the runway and auto disconnect the autopilot..

    A gew times it works fine and he pushd the plant to the runway..

    I dobt know what i do wrong? Or must i set a differnt altitude with lnding? And where can i find it?


  • Hi, did you push the "APPR" button and do you also have the ILS diamonds showing (pink indicators below your attitude and right of the attitude).

    Are you flying along a route?

    Are you following our tutorial or are you currently trying it on your own? Here is our tutorial which could help:…inners_tutorial

  • Ho thanks for the answer!

    Yes i pushed the APPR and infly along the route.. if i follow the tutorial it works perfect! Bud a another airfield it dont work, all sets and he desent to 2000ft and he flys over the runway..

  • The autopilot will never descent below its selected altitude unless you capture the glide slope of the ILS. You will see the glide slope to the right of your attitude indicator, if the needle is below the center you can't capture and track it, you first need to be below the glide slope, that means the glide slope needle needs to be above the center marking, then the autopilot flies at the 2000ft and as soon as the glide slope needle comes down the autopilot will capture it and descent below the 2000ft. If you stay above the glide slope the needle will always be below you and the autopilot will maintain the 2000ft and just fly over the runway like you are experiencing.

    Try to fly further out, you are probably too close to the runway. Turn around to fly towards the airport and capture the localizer . If you don't have any terrain nearby just descent to 2000ft even if the airport is still very far away. Make sure that you have the ILS displayed ("LS" button pushed as shown in the tutorial), that the magenta diamond (needle) of the glide slope is above the yellow center line and that the autopilot has the approach armed, with a blue G/S text on your primary flight display (at the top). Then monitor the glide slope and the autopilot should capture it just fine.

    Also make sure that you are not increasing the throttle, there currently is a bug which will send the autopilot into a go around very easily. Its best to pause the simulator, move your throttle up and down and back to about 55%, then unpause. Check that the throttle is not at the maximum position "TOGA" which will cause the autopilot go perform a go around and climb back up.

    You can also fly an approach to any runway without an ILS but then you need to have a route planned and you still have to push the approach button in time. The glide slope will then turn into a magenta (pink) box or brick, which is not an ILS but a gps target altitude. The autopilot can follow this but it can't autoland and will turn off very close to the ground.

  • Maybe you discovered a bug. I created a flight with KCCR as destination, positioned my Airbus 10 nm out at 2000 ft in front of KCCR, activated the ILS and no diamonds on the display. I repeated this procedure with two other airports and both times I got the diamonds immediately after enabling the ILS. Positioned the plane in front of KCCR again... no diamonds.

    Maybe the (coded) frequency is wrong? Anyway, I don't think it's your fault. Just give it a try on another airport (with an ILS), stay away from KCCR for now and let us know how it goes then.

  • There is no real world ILS approach procedure into KCCR Buchanan Field runway 32L from what I can find.

    However there is a LDA, RNAV and VOR approach into runway 19R (no glide slope) but no ILS that I can see. So the information in the navigation dialog is presented wrong, there shouldn't be the label "ILS" and the aircraft shouldn't try to tune this particular frequency.

    You can't autoland at this airport in the real world and there are many many other airports that you cannot autoland at either in the real world or in the simulator. We need a full ILS with localizer and glide slope and there shouldn't be a localizer offset that KCCR also has for the one localizer into runway 19R.

    If you select one of the other runway at this airport you should be able to fly the approach without the ILS. The aircraft won't autoland but it will fly down close to the ground with the "FINAL APP" mode.

  • If you don't have a glide slope indication you can't autoland, simple as that :)

    But more generally speaking all runways where it says "ILS" when planning a route should work. We have to filter out those that actually don't have a glide slope so you might still have a few airports where you wont be able to land even if it says ILS.... Just try another runway then, sorry.

    All big airports like San Francisco Intl. or Oakland should have several ILS runways that work, I'd try these airports first.

  • It looks like KCCR has ILS approaches for both 32 runways, but as was mentioned, like San Diego it may not have a GS. Of course you are not even showing a Localizer and neither the G/S or LOC are captured in your attachment. The 32R runway is only 4600 Ft which is fairly short for an A320.

    I would try a bigger airport but if you want to use that airport I will go see how it works. Since the A320 sets up the ILS by itself, it appears that is not happening so maybe you need to set the destination runway.

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  • Found another airport which has an ILS in Aerofly FS 2 which doesn't work: KLHX runway 12. According to this site it doesn't have an ILS in real life. Why does Aerofly sometimes show the availablity of an ILS in the flightplanner while there isn't any? Sometimes I really like to use the ILS and it sucks to find out there ins't one when you are almost there.