Just a thought...

  • Sorry Roy, I didn't notice that your name slipped through (as an empty quote) purely I assure, by accident. I hope no offense was caused. I will try to be more attentive in future.

    Kenneth, I took part in the trawl for experienced pilots or flight sim software experts to help the early mobile development. 'Knowing my place, refered to my input there, I tried my best to give just what was requested.

    May I question if a public forum is really the best place to communicate any expert knowledge on the direction of the company? The email and physical addresses of IPACS are well known, I am sure direct communication would be well received.

    Your suggestion that "It would also help if we, the users and enthusiasts for AFS2, begin to contact the third-party developers ourselves" in isolation does, to be fair read a teeny-weeny bit like the pupils operating in the headmaster's office. I regret using " We should try to not go out of our way to be insulting or outrageous" in a post that included a quote from you as an unintended personal link could have been infered, may I apologise for causing offence.

    I do not for a second challenge your gravitas, I was unaware of your expertise and I accept that my phrasing was crude and clumsy, it reads much worse than I intended.