Dash 8 Q400: still loving it!

  • Nothing new here but I just wanted to say I am having an absolute blast with the Q400 above Utah and Colorado. The scenery looks so real, it's incredible. (Also due to the lack of cities, I think: in the current state of the sim rural areas like these really shine). And the Q400 simply is the best plane out there. I got to know the Q400 thanks to Aerofly and bought it later on for P3D and flew that one for months but I have to say the AFS2 version looks great (I just love the realtime (sharp and insane) shadows and lighting (that bumpmapping!)) but it also handles great and it has a lot of options. When it comes to the actual flying, going from runway from runway, I can do everything in Aerofly exactly as I would do it in P3D. Well, apart from handling the FMC, of course. But everything else works just like the real deal! I really love how this plane keeps you busy and on your toes all the time! Most of my flights are rather short hops between 150 and 350 nm and every flight is a real joy with never a dull moment. If the plane doesn't need (all of) my attention, I am really enjoying the beautiful landscapes. (My flights are getting longer and longer, really! ;) ) I am using AFS2 in 2D btw: I just love SHARP images. If anyone is thinking AFS2 is mainly a VR sim they are wrong imho. ;)

    Anyway, that's it. Just wanted to share some enthusiasm. ;)

  • @J van E I would like your option of the 400 in VR if you have it. I do have my fav. If it is a short hope and I want to stay low it is the C172 and for speed the (NAS)

    F 18 and one day I will learn to land the p 38.