Orbx's TrueEarth Netherlands is coming soon!

  • After a few weeks of asking and no replies John Venema posted this on the Orbx forum:

    "Netherlands TrueEarth for AFS2 is already in beta testing and we are just dealing with some issues with some of the airports ported from P3D and also some animations and then we should be releasing."

    That is GREAT NEWS! So it's really coming! And probably pretty soon too! This really made my day! And saved me a lot of time reinstalling P3D which I will forget about now for a while. Can't wait to fly above the best scenery yet for AFS2! :)

    Add to that the upcoming free Switzerland cultivation buildings for Aerofly FS2 and I won't need new scenery for quite a while...! ;)

  • It's been coming soon for quite some time. ;) Hopefully we'll get some previews real soon. My hope is that it will release sometime after the Vulkan update, whenever that is. Am super looking forward to TrueEarth in AFS2.

    - Ashley

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  • My favourite FS2 scenery is where many of the great rivers of Europe start just a few miles apart at the base of beautiful high alpine lakes and glaciers. I'll be able to Aero fly the Rhine all the way along its spectacular upland passage as far down as the junction with the Mosel at Koblenz and then feel the anticipation of what is going to be of interest from several thousand feet above the flat lands leading to the North Sea deltas. Perhaps there will be some cranes and container ships in Rotterdam?

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