Multi Monitor Setup Help Please. Pretty please. :)

  • I am in the starting stages of building a home cockpit, based on a Cessna 172. I am planning on running 3 monitors. Initially a 42" for the main screen, to be upgraded to a 50 or 55" at a later date, and two 32" screens for the side windows. I have one 32" screen I was going to use for one of the side windows, but it is 720 res, but should be OK for a side window. I need to get another.

    Before going out and dropping money on another screen, I wanted to test it out.

    Yesterday I used a small computer monitor as the second screen. It does do 1080p. Set up the Nvidia Surround screen app, went to Aerofly, and it worked like a charm. Split it down the middle, but I know there are some changes to be made to make it look 90* off. No big deal.

    Pulled out the 32" screen today. Set it up, and sent 1080p signal to it, no problem. Set up Surround screen, and it works on desktop no problem. Launch AFS2 and it launches on one screen only. Either the 42" or 32" depending on which one I have set as the main. The other monitor goes off line. Tried changing resolutions, forcing 1080, etc. nothing seems to work.

    What am I missing here, or will AFS2 just not work with monitors of different resolutions?

    Yes, I have been over the instructions like 100 times. :)

  • I have in the past also asked something in relation:ability to 'undock' the moving map and move it to an adjacent 2nd monitor...but no solution sofar found.

    I have been working hard on building the simulator over the past couple of days. Monitors should go in today. I will take a look when I get them hooked up and see if I can figure anything out with undocking the moving map. No promises. :)

  • Ok, what is going on here. I have all 3 monitors set up now, and all I get is garbage images, no matter what I do. One monitor is 1080p native, the others are 720, all are set to 1080. Correct video resolution selected.

    Don't say go to the Wiki. It is worthless. Give me some real support here. I have done what the wiki says time after time, and the image always comes out garbled up, like more than one image over top the other.

    I like Aerofly, but the lack of communication on what is going on, and the lack of support sucks.

    Is there anyone there that I can actually talk to about this. I just dropped big money into building an actual cockpit, it would be nice if the software works like it claims.

    Sorry to rant, but after hours of trying I am getting really frustrated.

  • I have three 1080p's, and it works when I select the correct total resolution. Are you sure it will work if all the monitors don't have the same native resolution?

    Thanks for the response Oldar. Let me clarify a little. I can get all 3 to work, image spreads across them just fine. It is when I edit the Main.mcf to set the side windows to 90*, so I have one monitor in front, one 90* left, and one 90* right. The wicki says to add these lines between the two. Every time I do it, the graphics look like they went through a blender. I was able to get the right hand window clear, but forward and left were all messed up.

  • Still no luck. About 4 hours of toying with it now. Works if I want a really wide view, but I can't do 90* to each side. I prefer Aerofly because of the graphics, but maybe I will go back to x-plane where it will work, and I can get some support.

  • As requested the "main.mcf" and screenshots. The first screenshot is with no changes to the "main.mcf". As you can see, it spans correctly. When I add the lines from the wiki in so that I get 90* right and left, this other image is what I get. Worked on it for hours, tried everything.

  • Ok, this was indeed a bug in our latest version. We have fixed it internally and will publish an update today or tomorrow.

    One warning: Running this with 3 separate views has a huge performance impact, do not expect good performance with this setup.