External lights and keyboard

  • Dear IPACS Team, I noticed recently that I am not able to operate (switch ON/OFF) external lights from my keyboard on some aircraft. It's OK for Cessna, Baron, B90, but for other planes external lights are not operable completely or partially (like OK for NAV Lights and not OK for other Lights) from the keyboard. On P-38 "Lightning" only landing lights are switchable. Thank you for checking this. I noticed this after last update, and I am not sure was it like this before the update or not.

    And thank you very much for cockpits of F-18, F-15 and others, looks like they improved in the part of night lights a lot. F-18 is amazing now (or is it me, who just noticed this? :) ). Did you use dynamic lighting for its landing gear handle? It looks so realistic now...

    I also like how landing lights on some planes are coming, they start to shine gradually, not like in other simulators, thank you very much again.