Range selection on MFD of King Air

  • There was a similar post recently, where I answered that exact question.

    The MFD range can be adjusted in the MFD panel which you can find in the pedestal. If that doesn't work either, please let me know.

    The knob we used in the past is actually used to zoom in on the PFD, which as of right now, doesn't even have its map.

    That's Ok Jan, I can confirm it's working with the MFD panel located in the pedestal. To me, it's way back in the pedestal and it's difficult to see the range changes on the MFD after clicking the button (applies only to virtual pilots, of course). Is that an intermediate solution or that's the correct place the button is located in the real aircraft?.

    The previous range knob I understand is now intended to zoom in/out the PFD and for showing a map, but it's not working now. It would be a fix in the future?.

    Sorry for too many questions.

    Cheers, Ed