• As Title.

    Just started with Oculus Rift VR, Wow what I have been missing. Completely blown away.

    I avoided VR because of adverse comments regarding screen door, picture quality, etc.

    Yes screen door is visible and picture quality could be better, but the immersion is so good, just wow!

    I do however have a lot of shimmering/shadow flickering. Have tried all available settings and can run Vulcan with AA and render scale factor set to 1.2 but would like to increase rsf. From 1.2 to 2, so am wondering if a gtx 1080 would be sufficient or would it need a gtx 1080ti ?

    My current pc spec: Asus Z170 motherboard, i7 6700k at stock for AFS2 16gb Corsair memory @ 3200htz, Nvidia gtx 980.

    If anyone has updated from a gtx 980 to gtx1080 I would be most grateful to know if a res of 2 is achievable and any other advantage of a faster card for AFS2

    I suppose I could spend the extra money and go for the 1080ti but not sure if it would be any advantage with AFS2. and I no longer use FSX, P3d or xp11



  • I use a gtx 1080/i5 4690k and everything is on max with 2.0 resolution and it is perfectly smooth. I play in VR exclusively but when I ran it in 2D without vsync my FPS was in the hundreds so the 1080 is more than capable of handling the sim.

  • I run a 1080 with my Samsung Odyssey (+70% more pixels than Rift) with FS2 graphics settings of U,H,H,M,L,L + RSF=1.5 and get a super smooth 90FPS while flying through NYC/Manhattan in an F-18. I would think a 1080+Rift would easily do the same - other Rift users can comment.

    If you might upgrade to an Odyssey, then go with a 1080ti to help push those extra pixels.

  • I'd go 1080Ti. GPU demand is only going to increase as ever more impressive scenery is released for this sim. ...or wait a bit and get the 1180 or a cheaper 1080Ti when the 1180 comes out.


  • Thanks for all replies.

    As Phil says gpu demands can only increase as more is added to the sim so I have almost made the decision to go with a 1080ti

    (that's going to make a mess of this months pension).

    Probably more sensible to wait for the 1180 but there is still a lot of speculation as to release date.

    Personally I can not see it it being freely available before the end of the year at the earliest, and I was not blessed with the necessary patience for waiting.



  • No one?

    Sorry, bud....work :(

    Well, I have had three iterations on my video card. I started with the 1050TI. It worked. Barely. Then I did a 1080. It was a lot better. Then I swapped it for a 1080TI (the 1080's fan went bad three days in, so I thanked the universe and upgraded!)

    Im glad I did. It is smooth as silk. No issues. At all.

    I have also used it with a Radeon 580 4GB and 8GB and they both ran very, very well.

    If you can swing it, the 1080TI, in my opinion, is well worth the money. The Radeon's were pretty terrific, too, but I could neither to run the Vulcan engine.

    Hope that helps!


  • The shimmering you mentioned is ( mostly ) a result of the low resolution of the VR device, keep in mind that a high render scale factor results in even more shimmering. You might get a slightly sharper image, but at the same time you will definitely have more shimmering.

    Also keep in mind that the render scale factor of 2 compared to 1 almost means a 4 times higher fill rate, and thus has a huge impact on rendering performance. It’s strongly recommended to keep this factor somewhere at 1.25 to 1.5.

  • No problem. Happy to share my experiences. Mine factor is at 1.8 to 2.0 most of the time. Adding lots of clouds adds some stuttering, sometimes, so i lower it.

    The other VR machine has a 4G Radeon 580 it's at 1.7, and sans clouds, is very smooth. Again, adding clouds necessitates lowering it, but users say it's too blurry at 1.0.

  • I have a gtx970 with an i5, 16 gb ram and fly on SS1.3 with all graphics on High. Looks great to me.

    In VR with Vulcan+AA?

    I can do that with my 980 but in Orbx scenery I have frame judder, which for me at least is a quick way to motion sickness.

    Having seen what Vulcan + AA can achieve (in some areas I can temporarily bump SS to i.8) I am reluctant to settle for less.

    But thanks for your post.

    I went from a 1080 to a 1080ti when I got a new computer, and to be honest I don't think it made ant difference. But as has been said, it can't hurt to get the Ti if you have the cash.

    I do have the cash but would not like to waste it if there is little to no difference.

    May I ask if you use VR and if so what SS, vulcan, AA settings you use.



  • i7 4790@4.5 and a GTX1080 here: everything at ultra/insane in 2D 1920x1080 and superb fps. In VR though I got some stutters around New York with insane shadows. Not a problem though because I don’t like VR at all.;)

  • VR all the way!

    I have what should be a monster machine, 8700k, 32 GB of fast mamory, 1080Ti. I can run just about any scenery, including the Orbx Chicago, at SS 2.0 now with the new OpenGl optimization. Vulcan actually results in poorer results than OpenGL, very much poorer results in fact. Jeff (Drhotwing) has a similar machine and says he sees the same thing. Hopefully further development will change that.

    However, before I upgraded I was running a 4700k overclocked and the 1080, and they did great work on FS 2 as well. Up until November of last year I could run everything in FS 2, including Chicago, at SS 2.0. Then something changed, whether it was Ipacs' tweaking of the code or some change from Oculus is unclear, and I had to dial back a little, to say 1.5 in the densest areas. Upgrading the computer and the GPU helped, but it still wasn't as good as it had been. Now things are closer to the way they used to be. Short answer is that I am comparing apples to oranges here. I never had the 1080 with the current recent upgraded performance version of FS 2.

    Also be aware that the Oculus is better for FS 2 than the Vive. I own both, and the difference in performance is very, very clear. That's a shame, because I prefer the color palette of the Vive, but opinions about that vary and is a personal preference.

    Hope I helped you more than I confused you!

    Hope this helps.

  • Hope I helped you more than I confused you!

    Far from confusing that is the information I needed to make my mind up.

    Thank you for taking the time to post, much appreciated.

    Today I found a EVGA GTX 1080ti black edition for a more reasonable price £660 so will now pushed the button!

    Thanks to everyone for your help.