Help with scenProc error

  • Hey guys, I'm slowly but surely learning how to create my hometown area. I've spent a few hours reading forums and searching the web but I have to throw the towel in and ask for help. Using scenProc I run into errors for Plants and Buildings. However The Light cultivation part does not give me an error. How does one get rid of " CreateAF2Plant Error CreateAF2Plant requires between 4 and 5 arguments" Screenshot of error -imgur


  • Hi ZoSoChile,

    Arno, the developer of scenproc added some more options to the command line of CreateAF2Plant.

    If you point with the mouse to the command, you'll get a help window.

    In this new version we can specify the plant group and the plant species.

    Please refer to this thread about valid group and species entries:

    About Plant Cultivation



  • So in other terms I followed "Cultivation Made Easy". Under Tutorial Requirements I click on link "Definition file used in tutorial" and download and unzip Aerofly_Rodeo.spc I then use scenProc and open up aerofly_Rodeo.spc and get those errors under "Create Af2 Plants" and "Create Af2 Buildings." I've messed around and deleted the Plants and Building script lines, and the errors went away. I clicked "Run" and made a successful Toc file that just had street lights. Maybe i'm just missing something so simple and right in front of me. Perhaps in time I will figure out how to get it working. Visual learner. Thanks for taking time.

  • like rodeo said, Arno added some more options and I'm assuming you are using the development version.

    Change :




    Add that |0 to each element that requires the altitude to be set

  • Hey guys, so i've used scenProc for the cultivation and since I live in Midwest Wisconsin I have to use JOSM. Again no problems with lights and buildings. I don't have the scenProc error anymore thanks to adding the "|0|"but for some reason no matter how many different areas and how many times I run scenProc, it never GENERATES trees. I outline them in JOSM. Anyone have a specific script I could get? Or perhaps my "AF2_config" file is wrong?

    Here is the script i'm using for trees.

    Cultivation Script.txt

    So close to making it all happen!

    Thanks again.

  • I've had AF2 for over a month now and i've finally tackled the cultivation of my hometown. Thanks for the suggestion on Cultivation from photoscenery Ed! I think it definitely will save time on future areas vs. using JOSM for trees. Still curious as to why scenProc fails to generate trees from JOSM file ?

    Many thanks!