AF2 in VR always impresses

  • Downloaded Florida last night and went for a fly this morning in VR with the Jungmeister from Ocean reef club to Marathon Intl. Low and slow is best in VR with AF2, 1000ft agl just enjoying the view, so different to the other US downloads. So little land and yet so many golf courses, I was wondering as I flew what the people here think about rising sea levels, so much mangrove, so little protection from tropical cyclones and so many houses.

    I never thought flight sims would ever get this good. The weird thing about VR flying is that part of my brain now thinks I've been there.

    Thank you so much. I know we always want more, but what we have already is so amazing. I'm excited for the future.

  • VR in Aerofly is just sublime. I agree I never expected this level of immersion at home. It never fails to blow my mind. IPACS are amazing. Florida is a fantastic piece of DLC, IPACS have again raised the bar. Of course there are some additional things I would like to see in game but at this rate they will appear soon enough!