Please help running/configuring Scenery Content Converter

  • I am totally failing with trying to run the Scenery Content Converter to convert a .tgi file for scenery. I am presuming that I have failed either in installing the converter tool, or configuring the .tgi file

    Background as follows:

    1. I have installed the Content Converter using the install file, into a folder on my C: drive, c:/Aerofly FS2 Content Converter.

    2. The scenery that I am attempting to import the scenery element into (the Output Folder) is located on my C: drive, c:/Documents/Aerofly FS2/scenery/ places/US/KSAV

    3. I have created a .tgi model file and associated textures and have them in a folder (The Input Folder) on my C: drive, c:/Aerofly Scenery Workshop/savannah/models/signature/ipacs_tgi

    This input folder contains the .tgi model file, all associated bmp texture files, a copy of the .tsc file from the Output folder, a shortcut to the Content Converter, and the content_converter_config.tmc file. The .tsc has been updated to reflect the new scenery element that I am trying to install.

    The content_converter_config.tmc file, located in the input folder has the output and input folders marked as follows (Full copy of the .tmc will be added at the end of this request)....


    Resulting Error or failure is as follows:

    RIGHT clicking on either the output folder, or any of its higher level folders does NOT provide a link to run the scenery content converter. Clicking on the shortcut to the Scenery Content Converter will run the converter, but it always errors with the message : "ERROR: (config file 'content_converter_config.tmc not found" . Again, the .tmc is in the input folder, however it does not seem to recognize that the tmc file is located in the same folder as every thing else, the output folder.

    Any help on getting the Content_Converter properly setup to run would be greatly appreciated.

    FULL TMC File is as follows...


    <[string8][base_output_folder][]> // if this is empty it defaults to "C:/Users/USERNAME/Documents/Aerofly FS 2/"


    <[list_string8][file_types][tsc tgi jpg bmp tif png ]>


    Thank you!!! Kerry (GACSavannah)

  • Hi Jan,

    Yes, the tsc file is in the same folder. I did as you suggested and added full paths for the input and output folders. This did allow the converter to run when I clicked on the shortcut, and now it is giving me a message "something is wrong" with the tsc file.

    When attempting to run the converter, I am getting the following error:

    converting folder = 'c:/Aerofly Scenery Workshop/savannah/models/signature/ipacs_tgi'

    ERROR: (error loading scenery definition file 'c:/Aerofly Scenery Workshop/savannah/models/signature//KSAV.tsc')

    I notice that there is an extra '/' in the path. "....signature//KSAV.tsc".

    I have double checked the tmc and the double slash is not included in the stated path. My stated path is " <[string8] [output_folder][Documents/Aerofly FS 2/scenery/places/US/KSAV]>"

    I am wondering if that has something to do with the problem?

    I am attempting to build upon the fscloudport Savannah (KSAV) airport, so it is that tsc file that I have modified for the new item being converted. below is my edit for the tsc file. I have added Element 48 only. Nothing else has been modified from the tsc file that came from fscloudport...

    <[tmvector3d][position][-81.20615065 32.12525689 0]>
    <[tmvector3d][position][-81.20485004 32.12525938 0]>
    <[tmvector3d][position][-81.195905 32.122034 0]>

    Any further suggestions are most appreciated. Thanks everyone!

  • Followup after more attempts...

    After additional tweaking of the .tmc I am now getting a different error. I have now specified the Base output Folder and removed the full path from the output folder. as it currently stands, I am showing the following paths in the .tmc file:

    <[string8][base_output_folder][C:/Users/Gipe Family/Documents/Aerofly FS 2/]>

    <[string8][input_folder][c:/Aerofly Scenery Workshop/savannah/models/signature/ipacs_tgi]>

    Below is the error message when attempting to run the Content Converter. Note that now it is adding a double slash in front of the Aerofly FS 2 folder in the path, which is not included in the listed paths in the .tmc plus it is trying to add a "C: " inside the Aerofly FS2 folder, which certainly won't work.

    /////// Start PASTE/////

    0.23: using output folder 'C:/Users/Gipe Family/Documents//Aerofly FS 2/'
    0.23: ====================================================================================
    0.24: converting folder = 'c:/Aerofly Scenery Workshop/savannah/models/signature/ipacs_tgi'
    0.24: ERROR: (cannot create output folder 'C:/Users/Gipe Family/Documents//Aerofly FS 2/C:')
    0.25: // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    0.25: // SUMMARY
    0.26: // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    0.26: input folder 0 = 'c:/Aerofly Scenery Workshop/savannah/models/signature/ipacs_tgi'
    0.27: output folder 0 = 'C:/Users/Gipe Family/Documents//Aerofly FS 2/C:/Users/Gipe Family/Documents/Aerofly FS 2/scenery/places/US/KSAV'
    0.27: file types = 'tsc' 'tgi' 'jpg' 'bmp' 'tif' 'png'
    0.30: 0 files copied
    0.31: 0 textures copied
    0.31: 0 sounds converted
    0.32: 0 geometries converted
    0.32: 1 errors

    //////END PASTE/////

  • You were correct regarding the ' " ' however unfortunately it did not help. I removed and reinstalled the converter tool, hoping that would help, but unfortunately that didn't help either. Still digging into this trying to see what I have done wrong.....

  • Code
    <[string8][base_output_folder][C:/Users/Gipe Family/Documents/Aerofly FS 2/]> 
    <[string8][input_folder][c:/Aerofly Scenery Workshop/savannah/models/signature/ipacs_tgi/]>

    add ´/ ´ at end path

    Remove ´ » ´ at start path

    Or may be try use ´ \ ´ instead of ´/ ´ !?

    Good luck

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  • To everyone offering help...THANK YOU!! All help is greatly appreciated.

    I think I am making progress, because even though I am still failing miserably, the failure is different now. I believe it actually tried to work, but failed during the process, which I believe is a step in the right direction. After removing and reinstalling the converter tool again ( 4th or 5th time) I received the following error. Note that it is a long error message....

    Start Paste ////////////////////////

    0.29: using output folder 'C:/Users/Gipe Family/Documents//Aerofly FS 2/'
    0.30: ====================================================================================
    0.30: converting folder = 'C:/Aerofly FS 2 Content Converter/sav_signature_tgi/'
    0.33: converting geometry file 'C:/Aerofly FS 2 Content Converter/sav_signature_tgi/SAV_Signature.tgi'
    0.33: (type = 'object')
    0.34: ERROR: (unable to load geometry 'C:/Aerofly FS 2 Content Converter/sav_signature_tgi/tower00_medium_blue_ds_05_08_08_virtual_0_obj.tgb' that is given in tsc file 'C:/Aerofly FS 2 Content Converter/sav_signature_tgi//KSAV.tsc')
    0.34: ERROR: (cannot convert geometry file 'C:/Aerofly FS 2 Content Converter/sav_signature_tgi/SAV_Signature.tgi')
    0.35: // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    0.36: // SUMMARY
    0.36: // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    0.36: input folder 0 = 'C:/Aerofly FS 2 Content Converter/sav_signature_tgi/'
    0.37: output folder 0 = 'C:/Users/Gipe Family/Documents//Aerofly FS 2/scenery/places/US/KSAV'
    0.37: file types = 'tsc' 'tgi' 'jpg' 'bmp' 'tif' 'png'
    0.41: 0 files copied
    0.41: 0 textures copied
    0.42: 0 sounds converted
    0.42: 0 geometries converted
    0.43: 2 errors

    END PASTE ///////////////////////////////////////////////

    Note that the paths are different than previous attempts. This is simply because I have installed it to a slightly different location this time.

    So, it looks like it tried to run, but failed. I am thinking , and would love input if I am on the right track or not, that the first failure is the result of trying to add a single component to an existing fscloudport airport, when I do not have the source files present for the items that are already included with the airport. I have been trying to add my addition (the signature FBO that I scratch built) to the existing airport, and in doing so I have simply added an entry to the end of the existing object listing in the .tsc file that was included with the fscloudport download. I added the following entry after the existing final element [47] entry:

    <[tmvector3d][position][-81.195905 32.122034 0]>

    Being that the existing items included with the downloaded airport are still listed in the .tsc, I am guessing that the program is attempting to process them, however without the source .ac3 files in the folder it is failing.

    I suspect that the second failure, the failure to load my item, is a result of having the previous failure already in place.

    Does this seem reasonable and if so what is the proper method of adding additional content to an existing airport that you do not have the source files for?

  • Looking at this thread I have no idea what you are trying to do here. Normally to make an airport, or even just to add models without decals or a groundpoly you need to create a folder and name it anything that you want. Your content converter.tmc file needs to be in the same folder. You need to configure this file to align with your project.

    Within this folder you also need the airport's TMC file and at least one TGI file that is an export result from the 3D modelling application of your choice (3DS Max, Cinema4D, AC3D).

    Take a look at a sample airport that I made to try to explain this to you.

    First, open the content converter file and look at these lines;

    The first string I usually just leave blank so that the output defaults to the root of where your completed project goes.

    The second highlighted string is basically telling the converter to make the 'AVP' folder in documents\Aerofly FS2\Scenery\places

    Next thing you need to do is make your TGI files (or file in this sample). The TGI is where your models reside. The TGI is made from exporting using the IPACS exporting tool plugin from within your 3D modelling application.

    Once you have this done, you need to build your airport TSC file. Take a look at my example here;

    So short of going over every single line in the TSC since you can see this in the wiki, take a look at the below lines which define the TGI file.

    The position in this snippet defines the center of your TGI output. So if this is just one model these parameters will be for the center of that model, if there are multiple models it will be the center point of your modelling project.

    The zip folder that I attached is everything that should be in your own project except for texture files or texture maps. In my example I simply just used xref objects so no texture files were needed.

    Take a look at how I have everything set up and you should get past your problem.

    Let me know how you make out.


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