Thermals, where to get them

  • I know I've been nagging about this, but I need some info again. In about a month from now I've going to give VR demo's at our gliding club. I just still can't find any reasonable thermals, I was just trying all around Innsbruck for instance, and found 1 or 2 with no wind and thermals set to high. Are there ways to ensure there are thermals that can be flown by people that fly AFS2 for the first time? (experienced glider pilots for the most parts, but also visitors)

  • Hi,

    According to my experience, what is the most important to enjoy some thermal and ridge soaring in AFS2 is:

    1. Set time of the day betweem 10.00 to 17.00 (CET)

    2. Set at least some winds (I would recommend at least the wind sliders at the middle).

    3, Set wind direction around 90 deg of the relevent slopes : in ORBX Innsbruck, for example, as the valley is more or less in the rwy26/08 direction, I would recommend wind around 340 or 170 - depend on which sides of the valley you want to soar. remember that a more sloped mountain will give you more ridge soaring.

    4. set some cumulus clouds, not too low (but I don't know if it has some influence, i just got the impression to have some thermal occasionnaly below them.

    5. Very important : Set turbulence around 0 m!!! Ridge soaring is almost not possible if wind turbulence are active in AS2. it is curious, but it is like that.

    I wish you plenty of pleasure. Normally, in Innsbruck region, or mountaneous Switzerland DLC, I'm able to gain + 3500 feet max, and soar around 2 hours maximum in AFS2.

    BR, Herve