It's all about having fun!

  • I didn't like to fly my favorite Q400 over TrueEarth Netherlands because at a regular cruising altitude I can't see any of the detail down there, which is a real shame. Distances in this country are also too short for high flights. So... I flew the C172 low and slow over the scenery... But I really missed my Q400...

    But then I thought 'Why do I do this...?! Who is telling me what I can or can't do in my sim?! No one!' So I decided to let go of my need for realism in this regard and started to fly my favorite plane at 3000 ft all over the country... and it's absolutely GREAT!!! ^^ I am having a ball flying the (imho) best plane there is, using my detailed checklists and all, while still enjoying the best scenery there is to the fullest!

    Lesson learned: don't restrict yourself without reason. In the end it's all about having fun! :)

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    There are actually real world departures and arrivals that fly around at 1000ft for quite some time. And you could always pretend to have a medical emergency on board where one passenger has problems with ear ache at higher altitude.

    Plus, if you cut one of the engines of the Q400 you are an emergency and can do pretty much anything you like to save the people on board. Needs some trim though.

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    I'm glad that you are beginning to look for the good in Aerofly rather than get yourself all upset over its downfalls. We know about all of the downfalls and over time we plan on improving on many of them. Enjoy Aerofly for what it is, there are a lot of great things packed in already with more to come!

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    Do you know how to fly a race track pattern?
    (One of the not so real live like fun things to do)

    - Take an airliner, A320, B737, B747, doesn't really matter.

    - Wind calm for "beginners"

    - Place yourself in Sacramento Intl on any runway

    - flight directors off, athr off


    - Set flaps to highest takeoff setting

    - Takeoff, immediately level off at 200ft, keep speed below 150kts, maintain runway track, go full flaps

    - at the end of the runway you should be 200ft, 150kts fully configured for landing

    - make a 180 degree turn towards the other runway at sacramento, use 30 degree bank angle (may need up to 35 sometimes), if you took off from the "R" you'll turn left and visa versa

    - keep 200ft agl and 150kts,

    - when you turned about 3/4 or so you can start descending (keep enough wing tip clearance, fly at least as high as half the wing span!)

    - you should end up pretty much exactly over the threshold of the other runway.

    - touch down, go around flaps, go around, ::||

    REPEAT until you're getting sick. then change aircraft and turn direction :)

  • Yeah I'm crazy. But only because I do this single engine in the q400.

    God, this is so much fun....

    Didn't quite make that one:


    The Jan-Hendrik Hoover show coming soon. Wait for the loop to a landing with both engines feathered.



    A steely-eyed Sierra Hotel record setting F-15E Strike Eagle simulator pilot. 8o
    Out now: Hawaiian Islands 8) Part 1: Kauai + Niihau v2 and Part 2 Oahu Island.

    On short final Part 3: Molokai, Maui, Lanai, Kohoolawe + Molokini Crater

  • Remember that the big bird are transporting people... and are heavy on fuel... Put them empty and you can do a lot of things with them... Even smaller circuit :P

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