Scroll faster!

  • Is there any way to turn cockpit knobs faster with the mouse or scroll wheel?

    I tried holding Ctrl, Alt, Shift, but none have any affect.

    I realize some knobs have two parts which have different rates, those are fine.

    Scrolling the mouse wheel to turn some of those heading and speed knobs takes a long time, and can be hard on the hand muscles, particularly if you have pain.

  • We want to solve this problem globally (for all knobs in all cockpits), but we haven't found the solution quite yet.

    Some knobs in the real world speed up as you turn them faster, other don't. For example the airspeed knob doesn't usually increase the step size when you turn it faster but the heading and altitude knobs might. Some knobs even start rounding to even values and start incrementing the altitude in thousands for example.

    The solution for me is a logitech mouse with hyperscroll. It has a mouse wheel that you can unlock, then you can turn it freely without the individual steps in between and it keeps spinning due to its high momentum, which is ideal for scrolling through very long documents or webpages and it's also ideal for the heading bug. If you have pain you might already have a different mouse (forgot what they are called), so your regular computer mouse with an advanced scroll wheel might not be a solution for you...

  • Thanks for replying Jet-Pack.

    I might try the hyperscroll thing, my logitech mouse does have it.

    I hope you guys don't get too concerned about trying to implement realism in the acceleration behavior of specific real world aircraft knobs. I'm already flying an aircraft with mouse and keyboard!

    Just holding Shift or some modifier for 10x speed increase would be great.

    Any solution is better than sometimes having to turn 4 knobs 180 degrees by scrolling 180 clicks!