Need information from external_dll API

  • Hello

    I'm developing an own Tobiit Eye Tracker solution, which use the gaze point for control the direction. It is already working, in window mode too. Now, the camera ride is not so comfortable and needs improvements. I will do.

    To implement a good functionality I need following informations from the API:

    1. Current camera direction

    2. Current camera position

    3. Current camera view angle

    I want to map the gaze point to a direction to know where (the angle) the user is looking.

    For this I need the current camera direction and view angle.

    View angle is the angle (from left to right display border), which the camera current shows.

    The view angle depends of the zoom. With more zoom in the angle become smaller.

    I also want to set the camera direction to an absolute value. It's seems that the API currently not support it.

    With the information of current camera direction and the function to set direction relative, I can set the direction absolute.

    4. If current camera mode is a head camera (camera rotate around itself)

    Eye Tracker function make only sense with a camera which rotate around it self.

    I want to enable the Eye Tracker function only in this mode.

    How can I get these informations from the API?

    Thank you for your support :)

  • I'm no expert on the AFS API, but I think it has everything you need.

    You can get the type of view with "View.DisplayName", then for the head tracker you need to have some initial reference point to calculate position and angular offset.

    With those, the several View.* write properties can be set to do what you need.

    I can't see why you would need to read current view information.

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  • Thank for your answer.

    For easy rotation, perhaps at different speeds, but without a specific target, no information about the current camera position is required. You simply rotate around so and so many degrees and is good.

    But if you want to reach a certain destination, you have to know where you are. At the moment I'm noting down the current position based on my own journeys. On the one hand these should become more and more inaccurate over a longer period of time, on the other hand I can't prevent the user from changing the direction with the mouse or buttons.

    I wanted to solve this problem by first setting a center request and then a move request in the same update. But then the movement shrugs.

    The view angle (field of view) information is necessary for the rotation speed. With more zoom in the eye tracker has to rotate with a lower speed. It makes more sense to rotate with a speed unit of screens per second as with degree per second, but for this I need the information how many degree the current screen (fov) has .

    The FS2 API is not very well documented and is no longer up to date. I would be very happy about an update.