Fly between sceneries?

  • Hello Aerofly Community 😁

    I brought AF2 2 days ago to use with my Oculus Rift.

    Now i am blown away by the performance and joy it brings up when flying VR 😎

    Maybe it is a dumb question as an aerofly newbi but is it possible to fly between the different scenery Regions available?

    Lets say i buy the Utah or Colorado DLC, can i then fly with the Learjet or Boeing from Salt Lake City to San Francisco and so on or even to new york?

    I am not quiet familiar with the scenery handling yet.

    Thx in advance.


  • Absolutely. You can just point your airplane in any direction and fly until you get there. Or better yet, make a flight plan from an airport in Utah to an airport in Colorado. You can make a flight plan and fly from say San Diego to New York City if your like. I like to fly from Denver to Miami.

    Remember you can use the Location screen to place your aircraft any place on Earth. Be sure to zoom in to see the airports when you move around the world though.





  • Hi,

    welcome to this forum and to AFS2. Actually you can fly around the whole world.

    But only the DLC areas are covered with high res aerial images and some cultivation like airports, buildings, vegetation.

    All the rest of the earth you'll see some basic 'blurry' imagery.