Bonus neighborhood grass airport hidden in South Florida dlc

  • Well, not exactly hidden, just not advertised. This is Willis Gliderport, FA44, a very nice E/W 4,200 x 150 ft. real world getaway found about halfway between Boca Raton and West Palm Beach in the town of Boynton Beach. It is off the beaten path out West of the Florida Turnpike on the eastern edge of Uncle Arthur's Loxahatchee Natl Wildlife Refuge. This is a ready-made grass runway with just about everyone in the neighborhood owning something that you can fly. 67 total aircraft based here, 58 singles, 2 twins, 3 choppers, 3 gliders, and an ultralight. Not bad for only having 50 something houses.

    Part of the unadvertised bonus cultivation that extends several miles north of Opa Locka airport that includes all the major airports including Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach Intl., Boca Raton also includes this little gem.

    I was working my way south from Pratt and Whitney adding airports using fsCP when I stumbled onto Willis Gliderport. The bad part of the good and the bad is the cultivation for the houses and hangars is just too commercial for many of the hangars and some of the larger houses. The good news is we can use fsCP to add some good looking HD houses and smaller neighborhood hangars. It just take time.

    Of course, none of these changes are actually necessary to enjoy the airport - other than upgrading the basic scenery to a higher resolution,

    Maybe someone can figure out how to exclude the DLC provided cultivation for just this small area and we can be free to add back some of the really nice fsCP houses and buildings. I have worked at co-existing with what comes with the South Florida dlc cultivation to hide the view of some of the commercial buildings with fsCP available stuff. I have only worked on the North side of the runway so far, but it is very promising.

    I used FSET -1 dl to make a level 15 small rectangle (2 ar) for the immediate area. I created FA44 using fsCloudPort and I just keep adding and twisting and turning the houses and hangars to fit. Phil’s easy-to-use fsCP makes it easy to add, change, and delete the custom houses and hangars.

    Here is what it is looking like while in work. When I get to a good place to pause the work, I will upload it to Higgy’s off-site download site. I think I can include the full package including the upgraded scenery along with a link to Phil's fsCP to grab all the houses and buildings. Of course you will need to own Jeff's South Florida dlc, but everyone I know already has it. 8o



    Fly by heading east towards the water

    short final for 27 - houses on the right are upgraded

    fly by runway 9 looking at Boynton Beach

    I still have KFLL, Exec, Boca and a few other airports to add yet.

  • Ray, you may be able to hide the DLC cultivation if you browse the CULTIVATION folder mentioned in this post that shows you the toc anchor points ...

    AeroScenery - What Next?

    I gave it a try but could not figure out how to narrow it down to that area. Even If I could find the block, I'm not sure how to add an exclusion for just the small airport and have the rest unaffected.

    Thanks for the suggestion.