Why is the chase camera locked to the plane?

  • Just a question that has been on my mind regarding the camera chase view (especially the one where you can pan around the aircraft). Why is it that it is fixed to the airplane and not just a steady cam? When the airplane shakes due to wind or thermals the camera also moves with it causing a distracting movement to the entire scenery - to my eye this looks very unnatural.

    I have followed other threads on this forum about future improvements that simulate cockpit shake, rattle and roll. What I have read makes sense that within the cockpit IPACS wants to virtualize the entire aircraft shaking not just a head cam shake, but with some of the outside views I really find myself not wanting the camera to be attached to the plane and rather want it steady so I can watc the plane itself move about independent of my view.

    I ask my question as to why it is fixed in part because I have read some reviews by simmers who fly XPlane that are critical of AFS2 flight dynamics - I often see their posts being directed at the external camera and how unnatural the aircraft looks flying through the air. If I am correct in XP the camera is stationary in some external views and the plane is free to move about while the scenery stays steady giving what I find to be more enjoyable.

    Any thoughts from the devs or other users? Is this just the way it has to be, or is there room to modify this should it be something others want to see changed.