​Bye bye trusted I7 2600K... welcome I5 8600K

  • Hi, my longest run with a CPU as to be with my beloved 2600K OC @ 4.3ghz (early 2011). That rig never gave me ANY trouble, and on top it's going in a new case at my job for a second life.

    It was running AF2 fine with a GTX 1060 6g. But it was time to move on. AMD or Intel? I was a hard choice but since this rig is dedicated to FS.. it was the 8600K finally.

    I have chosen a good B360 board instead of the Z370.. after reading so many review and benchmark. And that with 16gig ram for P3D V4.3

    The first test was this morning... after so much time installing everything back.

    Palm Spring it is (WOW and I bought this one for FSX some time ago when it came out).

    Conclusion for now, set at ultra and at 120FPS, no change at first compare to the 2600K, BUT, when I hit F9 to record with FRAP (normally loosing almost half of my FPS).... Nothing happen, it staid at 120 FPS with no lag what so ever...


    So my next test will be in the Netherland and on P3D V4.3 at ORBX gold coast (I was struggling there)

    Voila les amis, a small report


    BennyBoy. I5 8600K @ 4,3ghz, 16 ram, GTX 1060 6G @ UW @2560 X 1080. Sim: AF2 & P3D V4