Trans Atlantic Flight

  • Selected KLM 747 on runway 34 Amsterdam International air port , destination JFK New York . Takeoff fantastic , great scenery Via ORBX pass over Dutch coast and flightpath takes you over UK and Ireland . Not a lot to see but by this time you are at CRZ FL340 but coastline and cloud well defined. stop flight here and use location feature to continue flight just off the coast of Newfoundland Canada then great scenery via IPACS all the way past the skyscapers of long island to perfect ILS landing at JFK . Plane flies well and looks great , you can see that there will be a lot of functionality to come and looks as good as my PMDG Queen of the Skies . I cant wait until I can load my own Flight data and track the flight , but for now its great .:):):):)

    from top ,arrival NY bottom Leaving Amsterdam

  • I definitely think IPACs have done an amazing job with this default 747, hopefully down the track we get a working FMS etc, this is my favorite commercial aircraft to fly in AFS2. Hopefully they come out with a 737800.

    I'm agree with you. I worked as a mechanic on this plane and the level of realism is amazing all autopilot modes works perfectly.

    It will be grateful to have the B373-800:)



    Im sorry B737-800.