What May Hold Payware Development Back for AFS

  • Er...? For years already airports addons include photoreal scenery already. Orthophoto isn't holding back airport developers at all. In fact, they were the first to use orthophoto's (in FSX/P3D) for their sceneries and now with TreuEarth things have expanded into the area's outside of airports. I can't remember seeing a recent airport (even with cities) that did NOT have ortho's. So I think you are seeing a problem which isn't there at all...? Imhi Aerofly's orthophoto is a PLUS and a benefit!

    Let me clarify. Yes, some airports do include "a bit" of orthoimagery and yes that's becoming more common.

    In the FSX / P3D / XP world, just having a bit of orthoimagery around the airport isn't a big deal as there's always land class scenery beyond it.

    In AFS it's a problem because you'll fly outside the area into pixel soup in a few minutes. You can imagine the negative reviews from users.

    I agree that Aerofly's use of ortho imagery is great and wouldn't change that, but it is a different proposition for the payware developer who now needs to think about including large areas of ortho scenery to keep users happy (or developing on somewhere that already has a DLC).

    That's doable for area that has free orthoimagery (US, New Zealand some of Spain is all I know of), but a massive outlay for other areas.