Buecker 181 Bestmann / Gomhouria MK.6

  • Hi,

    So, at last I'd like to show you my first airplane project.

    Just a bit about the history of the Bestmann and why I have chosen it.

    The Bestmann was originally designed as a training-, leisure- and travellng plane. It had it's first flight in 1939, so it ended up to be the standard Luftwaffe training plane. It was pretty much a novelty, as it was the first training plane with closed canopy and side by side configuration.

    It proved to be very sucessful, so Sweden, Czechoslovakia and Egypt were building it under license. Egypt even until 1989!

    Nowadays are about 10 Bestmann still flying, most of them in Germany, two (I think) in UK and one in USA.

    The Gomhouria is the Egyptian one. Behind the firewall is everything original Buecker, in front is an O300 built in. The changed cowing gives the plane quite a bit a different look, but the Conti brings also advantages. It has 40 hp more than the original HM500 and the spare part sitiation is of course totally different.

    Just a few figures:

    Vstall (flaps down): 85 km/h (46 kt)

    Vne: 340 km/h (184 kt)

    Empty weight: 550 kg (1212 lbs)

    MTOW: 900 kg (1984 lbs)

    Fully aerobatic approved

    I think, this are pretty impressive figures, considering that it is a pretty big plane for a 2-seater (10,60 m/34,8 ft wingspan). The wings, rear fuselage and tail are classical wooden designes, the center section with the cockpit is a steel tube design were everything is bolted to.

    Some 10 Gomhourias were brought to Germany in the 80s. Some are flying, some have been stored away. One of those my father bought about 4 years ago and restored it from ground up. I'm by myself living in Finland, so I could only help from time to time. Meanwhile we have the papers and only a few things need to be done to get it into the air.

    But now to FS2. I have done the basic mesh already for P3D, but never continued. So it was a good starting point to bring a plane into the new sim. For now are only the main external parts ready and it's not able to do more than standing on the wheels. I was the last few days spending a lot of time with specular- and bump maps. It's not ready yet, but I feel to continue with the cockpit for a while and start looking more into the TMD file.

    Enough talking, here she is:

    (Yes, I know that the wheels are shining, I was forgetting them in the specular map...)



  • Thanks for the kind comments! :)

    Awesome! She is already on her feet and looking great! As always, if you need help for the tmd, I'd be happy to help and set up the basic tmd! But I figure with the simple airframe geometry that won't take long at all :)

    Thanks again for the offer, Jan. I will for sure sooner or later come back to it. I must admit that it took me almost two days to get the landing gear working and I was almost going to ask you. But I decided to keep trying until it's done. At least I learnd there already something about the tmd.



  • Great to see another developer for aircraft models!! Congrats on your model. This aicraft maybe had been my next project. But now i can research for other interessting aircraft. But first i will go for the Grob.

  • Great to see another developer for aircraft models!! Congrats on your model. This aicraft maybe had been my next project. But now i can research for other interessting aircraft. But first i will go for the Grob.


    Funny, I was actually making a Klemm 35 for FSX years ago and my first idea was to port it over to FS2. But then I saw your project and picked the Buecker instead.



  • Hi,

    Almost one week of modeling and mostly painting textures for the panel... Still a long way to get it ready, but I thought, I could show a quick and dirty render out of Max anyway. Something like a status update.



  • Thank you for the nice comments :)

    Today I have an update what makes me very happy to be able to show:

    Yes, she's alive and engine is running.

    My goal was to have the engine not running before all the related systems can be controlled from the cockpit. So, the tmd file was growing the last days to 1300 lines already. And the crazy thing; it works :D Well, almost. There is still a lot fine tunning to be done and the sounds doesn't work yet.

    The panel doesn't look to great in the sim yet, so still some renders from yesterday. Throttle and Mixture are textured meanwhile and the main switch added. Still some work..



  • Thanks, Ray!

    Smile, that could be a bit hard to achieve :/ :S It's like building a real plane. First you see very fast a lot of progress, but the small things consume the most time.

    Actually, it wouldn't be that hard to bring her into the air and it would be possible within a couple of days (I guess so). But I want to have the systems and instruments ready, like I did it with the engine. It's kind of playing, but it keeps the motivation up.