Buecker 181 Bestmann / Gomhouria MK.6

  • Hi,

    After spending more time with the aerodynamics, I'm getting closer and closer to where I want.

    I think, I should try to get some kind of youtube clip together. For now I want to show it this way, just as an example.

    Speed up to 220 km/h, pull stick hard and push rudder, no aileron:

    She flies such a beautiful snap roll. And she's doing exactlly one, afterwards is the energy gone and she would go into a normal spin. The speed must be right; too fast and the airflow comes back, too slow and she will go half way into a spin.

    It has only one disadvantage: I'm too scared to touch the aerodynamics anymore. I'm really worried that I will break it when fixing something somewhere else.. :|

    Did I write last week that there are only a few small parts left? In amount of parts; yes, workwise it was the underestimation of the year...

    Upper canopy lock. Left one in open position, right one (rear on the pic) in locked position:

    The cockpit textures are nearly done, but rendering the ambient occlusions takes still time. Anyway, I hope I can show the cockpit in the sim next week.


  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks! I have to check the polycount, I think, it's at the moment a bit more than 200.000. I'm exporting every modeling session, so far without any problems and in the sim I have no preformance impact.


    Hi Guys,

    This week's udate is unfortunately not what I was hoping for..

    First, I got beginning of the week workwise a nice project, which takes time.

    That alone wouldn't have been a problem. My wife is at the moment in Austria for skiing. She just called me. ...from hospital... She has a broken leg and will not be able to walk for the next 6 weeks (if all goes well). Naturally, I have to take over houshold and taking care of our daughter completely.

    I think, the next week will show how it will go with the new situation (she's coming home tomorrow), but it will for sure slow down the progress on the Bücker for a while..


  • Sorry to read that, and effectivelly as says flightxtreme real life is much more important that sim one.

    Good thinks come to those who wait ;)

    Bon courage

  • Thank you very much for your kind comments, it made me really happy to read them.

    No doubt, family and real life comes always first. We have found over the time a good balance between doing things together, spliting up tasks to be done to about 50/50 and also giving own time.

    Now it looks for the next few weeks a bit different and the only thing I'm looking forward is to have this poor woman at home..

    Perhaps virtual skiing from now on ;)

    That might be the option 8)

    We all three love the mountains, but my wife's motivation has now gone literally downhill..

    Btw. I was reading your pm. I have to check a bit my tmd and try to answer tomorrow.


    Btw2. Thanks to the moderator for throwing my posts together. Before I didn't mind to much, in this case I really appreciate it. Traces of irony might be found here..

  • No worries, Herve :)

    Thanks, my wife is doing pretty good at the moment, but she will need to go to surgery at one point.

    At the moment is not much to show, worklife keeps me still busy. But it's not that nothing happens. The TMD and specially the controls.tmd is slowly getting ready and the ambient occlusions for the cockpits are soon done. Then I have something to show again.


  • It is offensive (to me, anyway) because you are saying 'I know your wife is ill, but why haven't you finished the freeware I am waiting for?'

    I think we should all respect the effect this had on you but equally I think HerveF's intention was to enquire about progress with sensitivity to Kai's family situation. Perhaps it could be done a little better, perhaps he shouldn't have asked at all. I'm not sure. Personally I think good intentions are important and as Kai has taken the enquiry as intended I would hope we can all move on.

  • It is offensive (to me, anyway) because you are saying 'I know your wife is ill, but why haven't you finished the freeware I am waiting for?'

    To me not : our friend informed us here, in the forum,since 2 weeks that his wife had a ski accident in holiday. He published to all this sad information. I think rather polite and kind to ask him how she is doing. I already had some contacts and PM wih the designer, and quite in a friendly manner.

    Where did you see I was complaining about "freeware I am waiting for"???? I was just gently asking INFOS about his upcoming projects. Like the designer, I'm a husband, a father, and know that real life is of course the total priority !

    I NEVER wrote violent, impolite or hard words that you attribute to me. Perhaps it is your interpretation. But you should avoid to write allegations, or invent words that a forum's colleague never wrote. Have a good day, I think the subject is closed, let's come back to Aerofly FS2.