Cleaning Up The Sea in Bing Satellite Images

  • Having my first attempt at making scenery in FS 2 I have completed all of Ireland and most of the UK courtesy of Bing satellite images.

    However the default "soup" in FS 2 draws a load of white cloud cover over the sea in some coastal areas.

    The quick fix I found to remedy this is using Aero Scenery select Bing Maps, select Grid 9 Large, then slide the image detail slider over and select Level 13 19.109 M/Pix and Generate AFS level tick ONLY Level 9.

    In the works tick to complete the scenery. Each square will only take about 1 or 2 minutes to complete. Then in the newly made map folders delete the folders leaving ONLY the ttc folder.

    Place the map folders in a new folder I call mine "UK WATER MASK CORRECTIONS" and add it to FS 2.

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1, Intel Pentium G2130 @ 3.20GHz, 16.0 GB RAM DDR3, ASUS H61M-K, Graphics PHL 273V5 1920x1080 @ 60Hz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX960, Thrustmaster Joystick and Home Made Rudder Pedals.