F104G Starfighter

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    Fun first flight ✈️ the other day.

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  • HI Jan

    I can confirm this is the case, I tried to assign keys to the speedbrake and nothing moves, it does work fine on a slider


    I am pretty sure I tested it before the release, I even watched your animation couple of times and did not have a slider assigned.... that's why I am asking...

    I'll have to test it again, maybe the recent controls update changed something.

  • It worked ok for me too... when I remembered what button on the joystick I'd mapped the close too.

    Steve... what font did you use to create the letters and numbers on that German Marine paint? or did you trace them and paint them manually. I'm trying to do another one, but from when they had just the grey top rather than green and grey camo.


  • Hi Matt

    I made vectors for the letters and numbers I needed but you may be able to find a set on line, look for F104g starfighter font images and you will find, think its the 10th image that should be ok for you, cant link it, will get wrist slapped


  • Well that was sure interesting Steve. I've done a paint job and some custom reflection, specular and normal texture. it looks pretty good now but I got some very wierd intermediate results. I didn't feel with your paints I was getting any bump mapping just your lovely panel and rivet art. I noticed along the way that the SDK makes no mention of a _normal suffix for the texture (only _bump) although it says they are supported. Normal maps are those funny blue hue things aren't they? I tried creating one of those and it seemed to work better for me than the grey scale ones (which are perhaps more suited to bumps) and the combination with red scale reflection and grey specular gives a nice result that doesn't seem too striking. if you pm your email i'll send a copy of what i've done so you can try it out. Cant seem to produce a preview image at the moment so the repaints i've done (the Corsair and the F104G) will have to stay on my hard drive for now till I can sort this.


  • Hi Matt

    Have posted the inboard pylon maps over at flight-sim.org. This is an add-on bits map as I ran out of space on the main maps. Inboard pylons were added to keep my test pilot happy, yes you Ray ;)

    You could try to force the preview to be updated. Make a copy and then delete the one in the main F104 folder. The converter quite often sees one in the root and doesn't update it. Have you also included a correct repaint.TMR in your intermediate folder, no capitals remember. You probably have but just checking


    Hi Jan

    Round 2

    Does the autopilot, alt hold, head hold only respond to an input button. Starfighter being somewhat elderly has switches


  • I'm not sure actually. I mean you can always display the state of the autopilot as a switch position (using graphics_text-Index - see 747 and 737 MCPs) and you can also toggle alt and heading hold, so it should be possible. But what happens if you disable one of them?

  • HI Jan

    So far I have yet to get the autopilot to work, the switches are outputting just fine, just not sure what they are outputting and where it supposed to link to.

    The switch for alt hold is using Autopilot.AltitudeHold and it does output this as the graphics work fine with this output and the monitor also shows this output. I can't seem to find anywhere else for it to go. Cessna 172 simply has this as an input_button and that too just goes to a graphic.


  • Hi Steve,

    Yes but the autopilot also gets that message Autopilot.AltitudeHold and internally activates that mode. It has an output for the active vertical mode which I think is automatically outputted to the graphics section. In the graphics section of the Cessna 172 for the display of the autopilot we take in the active vertical mode of the autopilot, convert it from a string back to an index of a list, with that index we can query if it is equal to something we like (e.g. ALT_HOLD) and that turns on the light on the display. Similarly you would need to rotate the switch instead of illuminating something.

    The autopilot is a bit special here because we need the copilot of the mobile version to interact with the autopilot and they need to communicated behind the scenes.