Sometimes it's the little things - re: South Florida and DLCs

  • A shout out of commendation to the IPACS team that produced South Florida DLC. Having spent a lot of time recently with ORBX True Earth Netherlands and recently coming back to South Florida I found myself inadvertently comparing the two and wanted to say I am quite impressed; IPACS really has a lot to be proud of, even against the juggernaut that ORBX is.

    My post is about the little things. In both products above, the lack of taxiway and runway signage at most airports is something I would really like to see addressed in AFS2. It may just be me, but those little signs add a lot, especially lit up at night. Haven't they been a staple of flight simulators for a long time? They help me find my way around and just make a flat landscape a bit more dimensional. It seems to me that this could be one of those items that IPACS routinely implement in the near term while work continues on bigger features. I'm sure it means going back to default scenery and already released DLC and doing updates of the product, but I hope that will happen regardless. If that is not on the table, I would like to request IPACS consider adding signage as standard in future products. Sometimes the little things can make a big difference in how a product is perceived and the lack of signage at airports has always made the sim feel more unrefined than those of us who love AFS2 know it to be.

  • First of all thank you for your compliment. I'm the one that led and inspired the South Florida DLC but me and 4 others on the IPACS development team built it together. Key West is my 'second home' and I absolutely love it there. That was the drive and inspiration behind doing this scenery package.

    As for the little things, the airports in Sough Florida, mainly in the lower Keys; Key West, Marathon, etc. all have taxiway signs but Miami we never added them due to the complexity there. Some day we will update the ones with missing signs and add them. This scenery took quite a while to complete but we wanted to fully capture the beauty of the real life counterpart.

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