Sound samples conversion issue

  • Hi,

    Second problem with the AFS2 Aircraft Converter for me today (see my livery conversion issues here :

    I cannot convert some A320 sounds I created, the files format is correct and the 3 dr400 needed files are in my folder.

    Aircraft Converter only creates an empty folder in "Documents\Aerofly FS 2\aircraft" and that's it.

    Here's the log if someone can help, that would be great. Thanks ! ;)


  • Yes, the DR400 converted fine.

    Thanks for the advice, I'll try and report here .

    And sorry for the double thread, I simply couldn't delete the first one ;)

    So, I managed to convert the wav files along with the DR400 and it worked as intended.

    This problem is solved for now.

    I also tried with the BMP livery files but that wasn't successful for some reasons.

    So, I still need to find a way to convert those files.

    I guess the converter is working for you but what could be wrong on my side, I'm wondering ?

    Thank for your help anyway ;)

  • That's what I was thinking too, but I couldn't find any trace of the converted files on my computer.

    Also, why would the converter use another path than the one that is set in the config.tmc, it wouldn't make sense, isn't it?

    It's a bit puzzling but if there is no issue on your side, I need to find what's wrong on mine, there's no other way.

    I'll try again with the whole DR400 folder, and I see no reason why these BMP wouldn't be converted if the DR400 ones are converted successfully. I'll try renaming/replacing some of the DR400 bmp's and hopefully it will work.

    Again, thanks for your attention and your patience ;)