winches and glider towing

  • I fly on Aerofly fs2 since its release, but know that I began to pilot a glider in the reality, I reports me that the simulation is rather good, particularly in VR, and slope fligth.
    It would really be a big more than to be able to take of less with the winch, and much better with glider towing.

    I saw that you speak about that some times ago, but did you begin to develop the project?


  • Thank you for your answer, but very disappointed to learn that.

    We want always more, or always too much maybe, but it seemed to me that it was all the same an important element for realism, and especially that it probably did not ask an enormous development for a great résult.

    The next release of R22 should make me more patient ;-)

  • I would love to tell you that adding features is an easy process but I can't. Even the smallest feature that most would think is a simple thing to add takes months to plan, code, then integrate into Aerofly without breaking something else.

    I'm not saying to you that your feature will never come but it will take some time. We are a bit overwhelmed, and bottlenecked right now.

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  • I understand, you have prioritys. I just hope you can keep this in mind for the next planning. With that, FS2 could be a real good soaring simulation, especially in VR.

    Thank you anyway for all your job. I try to take part of the adventure in my small level, but I am lacking skills.