Top Aerofly R-22 Destinations?

  • I think we are going to be surprised at just how large our flying area has become. Being able to hover to view details should introduce a tremendous number of new adventures.

    I tend to spend my time in and around very high definition and very scenic locations. The entire South Florida area, all of the Orbx addon Airports, Some of the Colorado airports, New York City, My own developed scenery areas in the Southeast US, but probably a lot of time in Hawaii will keep me busy.

    The upcoming Pacific NorthhWest could easily become my favorite area if Rodeo keeps adding his magical full-featured North Washington Airports and USGS HD scenery. Memories of my submarine visits in my younger days and all the time flying around the individual Orbx airports in PNW, the Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands should be absolutely stunning when viewed from the Robinson.

    I suppose any area we choose to explore will be rewarding. I do intend to follow the gondola at Palm Springs up the steep incline as soon as I am proficient enough in the R-22.



  • I think I will mainly use the R22 to explore Orbx airports and the higher quality default airports.I doubt if I will ever leave the airport area's because out of airports current scenery quickly loses its realism when flying low because of the lack in detail. Up to now I sometimes flew the C172 around airports but then you hardly have the time to check things out. Taxiing around airports also doesn't do the trick. So the R22 seems perfect for that. If I can control it, that is... ;) Scenery outside of airports I rather fly over at a higher altitude and speed so I don't have too much time to see it. ;)

  • I think I'll do my familiarization and training at the wide open Edwards AFB (Can't hurt anyone there:whistling:). Once I think I can fly, there are a lot hangars and buildings there that can be practiced on. After that I will be going to Grand Canyon, Sedona, Moab, Monument Valley, and other scenic areas. When out and about, I'll keep my altitude at whatever looks good. Haven't bought any areas yet. But could get excited about buying some now. Especially looking forward to the growing PNW area mentioned by Jetjockey10. That's the only place I flew in FSX.

  • Speaking of, I thought somebody was creating cultivation for Switserland, what ever happened to that?

    Autogen for Western part is at Higgy’s site.


  • Autogen for Western part is at the Ziggy site.


    I think antigoon was talking about the announced free Orbx addon. Or is that the same as Ziggy's work? (I have no clue btw what 'the Ziggy site' is...)

  • "For those of you who are looking to download some user created addons or wish to contribute to the growing library of free stuff available for Aerofly FS2 Flight Simulator, head on over to our friends website:

    This is our partner site… " (and presumably Ziggy's site). Anyway the desired Switzerland file is right there.


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