Feature request for helicopter control with Oculus Touch

  • OK I guess it is a bit late, but this is an easy one.

    I guess the cyclic will be on the right pad, and the collective and the pedals will be on the left pad. Please allow people who own physical pedals to deactivate pedals on the left pad. It is almost impossible to move the x axis without moving the y axis, so this is a just bit annoying for planes, moving the rudder involontarily does not have major consequences, but I guess it will be awful for helicopter if you move the pedal each time you want to change the collective.

    Just a flag somewhere to deactivate pedal control on the pad would be great. Thanks.

  • Flying the R22 with the Oculus Touch controllers will be easy. Yes, you can fully control the helicopter with the joysticks of your Touch controllers, this is especially useful if you wish to fly in VR from an outside view, or of course you can just use your hands. If you have rudder pedals you can set them up to use with the R22 as well with no problem (make sure you go into controller settings to add support as there is a separate control section for helicopters).

    There will not be a way to disable any of the controls on the Touch (or Vive) controllers but everything will all work together regardless.

    BTW, there are no 'pads' on the Touch controllers, only joysticks.

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