How do you make "Cultivation" for FS 2

  • I have used ScenProc for several years making "Autogen" for FSX and P3D, however having ditched both flight sims in favour of FS 2 I find myself in a position of starting all over again from scratch, or should that be "head scratch".

    So if those learned members out there can shed some light as to what I do to make "Cultivation" for FS 2 I will be extremely grateful.

    Thank you in advance, this is a great flight sim and forum.

    Kindest regards to all, Michael.

    PS. Or do I just go and buy Blender-OSM?

  • There are forum members that have added more to this, but to start basic have a look at our wiki. Look under 'Cultivation made Easy'


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  • Thanks chaps for your fast replies. I have no problems with making photo scenery. I have watched this video but not clear on after running ScenProc and generating a TOC file what do I do next please. Is anything else required?

    Thanks Michael.

  • Go to the 4:45 spot in Rodeo's how-to video - you need to 1) move the toc file to your airport folder, and 2) update the airport's tsc file so the toc filename (map) is referenced in the cultivation section of the tsc file.

    Restart FS2 and your cultivation will get pulled into the scenery.

  • kenventions, thank you for your help. I may not of explained my situation very well. I have made some photo scenery of the New York area with Aero Scenery, that's the easy bit.

    I would now like to add buildings and vegetation to the photo scenery.

    Having made my TOC file using ScenProc with OSM Data what to do next?

    Thanks, Michael.

  • If you are already using an airport-definition-file in your scenery, so you can as Ken told you include your toc-filename in the cultivation section of your "*.tcs"-file as follows (save your toc-file in the same folder together with the building_textures-folder):




    The autogen-area should be more or less centered with the position of the airport (due to the loading-distance).

    Else you can make a separate tcs-definition-file just for the autogen-definition similar to an airport-definition ( It is the better way for full-coverage autogen. Don’t forget to copy the needed building_textures-folder in your autogen-folder and to adapt the center-coordinates.


  • Hi Chris, thanks for trying to help out. Sorry if I'm being stupid here but I don't have an airport definition file. I'm only trying to make general buildings and vegetation around my New York area of photo scenery.

    It was so simple to do in FSX and or P3D but FS 2 has me foxed.

    Thanks anyway.

    Cheers Michael.

  • With Aerofly FS2 in that case it is necessary to make a kind of "dummy"-airport-definition,
    including the reference to the toc-file containing the autogen-data.

    This is the way i ad general buildings and vegetation to my photo sceneries without need of any airport (template I use uploaded in my first answer). It is certainly different to FSX/ P3D, but with a bit of experience not so difficult at all when you get used… 😉


  • Thanks for getting back to me Chris, its like everything in life if you know how to do something its easy however for me and several others on the forum its black magic.

    A step by step tutorial would be most beneficial for all of us.

    Kindest Regards,


    Ye of little faith, I have done it at last...........................First building textures I tried looked awful, white and greys but second textures look more colourful.

    NY Day and Night