Solved: Possible a very little grafic bug on R22 altimeter

  • Hi,

    for me the long needle (feet in hundreds) hides behind the background between 400-800ft (on any thousands). It makes no difference if i am on Open GL or on Vulcan. It looks like the background mesh of the altimeter-gauge is not plain flat or if the needle swings behind the background.

    Can anyone confirm this (just want to now if this is only on my machine...)?

    Best regards and THANK YOU FOR THIS VERY GREAT BIRD! :thumbup:


  • My low end PC crashes out FS2 in VULKAN much more often with the R-22. I used to get crashes with ultra graphics in the Dash 8 approaching JFK airport but now with a medium-high mix in graphics the R-22 crashes out flying around Moffat Federal and approaching Oakland. I'm happy to have FS2 push the hardware to the limits.

    G3258 2 core cpu overclocked to 4.2 GHz, GTX 950 2GB graphics card not overclocked.

    Phillip I got the hundreds hand vanishing between 250 and 750 feet flying out of Mollis 1486 ft elevation. Mollis heliport now works!

  • Noted, thanks!

  • Ubbi

    Changed the title of the thread from “Possible a very little grafic bug on R22 altimeter” to “Solved: Possible a very little grafic bug on R22 altimeter”.