Devs can you check R22 output for motion please?

  • I have the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 and it works great with all the planes, but it is not usable with the R22.

    Every motion is stuttery and a wholly unpleasant experience.

    It may be that it can improved with further adjustment of settings, but I didn't need to fiddle with anything for the other aircraft. Just wondering if maybe it is outputting something incorrectly.


  • I have the same motion platform and the same experience. It now just jolts around in the R22, seemingly without rhyme or reason, so there’s definitely something in the motion output algorithm of the R22 that has gone astray. It’s an amazing helicopter though, and I have no doubt the dev-team will fix when they get a chance. Will no let this stop me from enjoying the R22 in the meantime. I have both a Buttkicker and Andrè’s JetSeat in addition to the NextLevel v3 Motion platform, so for me it’s very much a “first world problem”;-)

    Can also confirm that motion output to NextLevel motion platform is no longer working correctly for any of the other aircraft. Something has changed and it would be really appreciated if the developers could have a look into what changed. Might be a simple correction to the SDK?

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