R22: Manual start sequence: is it possible ???...

  • The engine is always on per default because this is what 99.99% of the use cases will be.

    You can turn off the engine and restart it just like in the real thing (you can watch real world videos and should be able to follow along)

    For beginners: magnetos to off, rotor brake on. Wait for it to stop.

    Rotor brake off, Then clutch open, throttle cracked, mixture rich, magnetos to start (keep scrolling until it starts), clutch close, wait for rotor to accelerate, throttle up slowly until governor takes over.

  • Thank you very much for the help, as a suggestion it would be nice to add an option to appear on the track with the R22 off and having to turn it on by hand, from my point of view it would give a much more realistic touch.

    Until then, I'll turn it off by hand and then start.

    I found this video tutorial, I guess I can apply it in aerofly fs 2.