San Francisco Heli Flight VR

  • Wanted to say adding streetlights all around San Fran area using kenventions light script was one of the best experiences I've had so far in the heli! I took off from Alcatraz and immediately flew towards downtown. I like late dusk settings right when the lights turn on, added with some fog because it really sets the mood. As I make my way towards downtown I noticed that there were lights on top of the buildings! not sure if they were there before but wow did it help bring the city to life. Immediately after I start to see night reflections shining off the buildings (now I'm awestruck), again never noticed before? Visually everything is looking amazing so I move the time forward a bit to find the moon light up and radiate all of San Fran. I laughed in amazement and then decided to pass thru the Golden Gate Bridge finishing it up with a helipad landing back at Alcatraz. Thanks to IPACS and everyone who helps make this sim a fun flying getaway! Truly a great virtual reality experience. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

  • You have a very similar system to mine, how do you find the experience with the Odyssey+ in AFS2? Have you used the rift in the past to compare?

    i7-7700K/Gigabyte RTX2080/Win10 64bit/32Gb RAM/Asus Xonar DX+ Beyer DT990 pro headphones/LG 34" UM65 @2560x1080/Rift CV1/TM Warthog+VKB MkIV Rudder pedals

  • Hi John, I have not used the Rift, previously I owned the regular Odyssey and before that the Htc Vive (very similar to Rift specs). The regular Odyssey was indeed an impressive upgrade from the Vive. It made things a lot clearer, all while maintaining high framerates. I recently purchased the Odyssey+ and at first was not the biggest fan of how it felt on my head (getting use to it), but the anti screen door effect on the + is great for looking into the sky and surrounding areas. It did lower a tad bit in clarity but not much around cockpit. In short, these Odysseys do offer an upgraded experience from the Vive and I would recommend making the upgrade if you have the money. Btw I like your profile picture! I'm very familiar with that scene! ^^