Is it possible to do VOR navigation in R22?

  • I see there is a VOR radio installed. Have you used it? Is it even possible to use it? I just don't have enough hands flying the helicopter. I think it's time for IPACS to consider allowing us to adjust the instruments when paused, as can be done in other flight sims.

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    This is exactly why a helicopter is flown from the righthand seat.

    When in the cruise the collective is pretty much left in one position (most if not all have a friction device) leaving the left hand free to adjust the instruments, radios and hold a map, although when comfortable flying helicopters holding the map is done with the right hand. The right hand very rarely leaves the cyclic, some larger helicopters do have cyclic trim but even then it's best not to trust it.

    I always remember a piece of advice my instructor gave me when learing to fly heli's

    "hold the cyclic like you would another mans bit's, finger and thumb with as little pressure as possible" this advice holds true for a joystick and the R22


  • Problem is not the P-key, problem is that one cannot dial in any e.g. frequency, or turn any knob, press a button or switch. I never understood why IPACS is so resistant to this easy wish. Nobody is forced to do it but it can help for approach training where you start in the air (also not very realistic) or to explain things to an interested friend, visitor (marketing!!). I have mentioned this several times but given up.

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  • True. True. But we are making substantial progress all across the board. Look how much better the sim is today than a year ago. I for one, am a happy camper - not totally satisfied by any means, but happy we have an active developer that keeps our attention and surprises us with good things.



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  • Since we properly pause the simulation nothing in the physics moves or does anything during the pause.

    It wouldn't be an easy fix because how are we going to decide that yes you can tune the vor frequency and the radio receiver updates and the needles move but no the batteries are not draining and no the fuel should be the same and yes the elevator trim should move and yes the autopilot should interact but the autopilot should not trim the elevator and the autopilot should not suddenly disengage when you bump the controls when paused or when you set down your ipad when the simulator is paused. And yes the landing light should go on but no it cant since the electric network can't update. -

    Tthere is no end to this, it would be incredible difficult to filter out which user inputs should be allowed to change during pause and which won't. So we just do the easy solution which is not allowing anything to change during pause. This gives a nice consistent flow of the physics and there are no issues with the replay system later...

  • That explains it, thanks, I thought it must be more complicate than just answering 'this is not realistic'. Now I will never ever ask again.

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