Logitech pro 3d settings for Robinson R22 Helicopter

  • Sounds nice but is dangerous in my opinion. I do not like default assignments and they can lead to multiple assignments with the problems we see here again and again.

    In order to help it is necessary to know your setup: do you just have the joystick or any other hardware. I use a Logitech Pro 3D joystick and a CH FlightSim Yoke (for most planes) but also rudder pedals (Simped, not produced anymore). For the collective I use one lever from a Logitech throttle quadrant. The Logitech Pro 3D has a twist handle for rudders. However I think this is not the right thing. And I guess this is exactly what default assignment would do (and if you have separate rudders we may see a double assignment).

    If you just have the Logitech 3D then I recommend the following assignment (maybe corresponds to default, but when you do it you know what you have done): - cyclic = handle

    - rudder = twist

    - collective = lever

    - buttons at your discretion (maybe trimming)

    I do not know if this works in easy mode. I really recommend for full joy - and this R22 brings a lot of joy - a proper hardware setup and if possible a HMD for VR flights. I love the Robin in Aerofly FS2 in VR. I never flew helicopters in the MS flightsim series but now I cannot stop and the airplanes will wait for some time in the hangar.

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    i7-6700K @ 4.0 GHz, Geforce GTX 1080, 32MB RAM, 500 GB SSD, 1 TB SSD, 1TB HD, 32" Monitor 4K, Oculus Rift

  • Thank you, I only use Logitech Pro 3D joystick