Distant scenery warping issue in VR (rift)

  • I have a problem of my scenery warping as I move my head. It is only obvious in distant scenery. The mountains around Innsbruck airport is a good example. If I fix my eyes on a mountain top and move my head from side to side the mountain warps (bends) as I move.

    Is this a known issue?

  • Not a known issue.

    What are your system specs?

    I lot of different things can cause this on your end, most common is your graphics card is too slow for your graphics settings or video card drivers not up to date.

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  • 5Ghz 7700k

    2Ghz 1080ti with 11Gb Vram

    32Gb ram

    Windows 10

    I’m also seeing blurring of ground textures around the aircraft (r22) when flying at low level (Orbx Innsbruck)

    It doesn’t look like ASW artifacts and frame rate is good. I’ll try updating Nvidia drivers and see if it helps.

  • Have you tried turning ASW (asynchronous space warp), on and off and seeing if one is better than the other? Some apps for me work better with ASW OFF (CTRL+KP1) and some with it ON (CTRL+KP3). I notice warping in some and this for me is fixed by turning ASW OFF.

    CTRL+NP1 - Disable ASW and USE ATW
    CTRL+NP2 - Force apps to 45hz, DISABLE ASW
    CTRL+NP3 - Force apps to 45hz, ENABLE ASW
    CTRL+NP4 - Enable ASW to operate automatically

    A bit more info here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com…rift-to-remove-artifacts/

  • I’m very familiar with those settings. I’ll try turning off ASW to test. Unfortunately, that won’t work as a long term solution for me. I can’t use VR below 90hz without ASW turned on or I get very ill due to the judder in positional tracking. If it is an ASW artifact then I’ll just accept it. It’s better than having judder. I’ll report back.

    Just to update. I think the issue with warping was related to ASW. Unfortunately, the blurring of ground textures at low level around the helipad and along the track at the glider runway in Innsbruck is not ASW related. That seems to be an Orbx scenery bug.