I need little help on the R 22

  • Only 2 questions:

    1º) .- Is it currently possible to assign the tail rotor control of the R 22, to a key on the keyboard, and to dispense with the rudder pedals?.

    2nd) .- Is it possible to assign the mentioned control to a button or rotating wheel on the Saitek X 45 joystick, of course, regardless of the rudder pedals?.

    Regards; Delfin

  • Profi mode.

    I experimented with the keyboard and rudder to do a very accurate localiser run into Innsbruck. I didn't try a direct rudder movement but used the rudder trim and the HUD. I used trim to point the heading V symbol to wherever the flight path vector -O- symbol was indicating. The 22 was then in perfect ballance and gentle cyclic could slew the flight path vector onto a desired heading. I didn't get a landing as things change very quickly but take off with yaw neutralised by trim was not difficult. I got a couple of fluke non crash arrivals but they were the exception.

    I was able to follow the centred localiser needle for at least five miles using the trim key. Sorry if I go on about trim ten times too much:sleeping:

    AND setting 111.10 on the nav radio was perfectly easy.