Possible image clarity improvement for Odyssey+ owners

  • Well gentlemen, it appears I've been living a lie for the past half of year since this discussion. When flying in VR I noticed I would stutter in some dense areas. Kind of just figured that was part of the normal. I decided to dig deeper and sure enough, turns out I never successfully activated Motion Re projection. Long story short, it's activated now and I feel like I fell in love again <3. I can finally say I now have AF2 running super buttery smooth in VR. I was even able to up the SS and quality settings a bit. However I backed off and went back to my normal quality settings for performance. Kind of gives me positive hope for HP Reverb performance. :thumbup:

    What setting did you change/correct? Can you paste in the section.

  • It also turns out I was never in Windows Mixed Reality For SteamVR Beta ( not sure if that matters anymore with updates)

    The script settings I had was keeping Motion Re projection turned off by two dash lines.


    Left Image is Disabled Motion Reprojection, Right image is Enabled Script (Here is Script Settings I'm using driver.zip )

    I clicked on the link @whitav8 (Dave) provided and recopied the Motion Reprojection always enabled Script.

    Also "RenderTargetScale" : 2.0 ( I would have to retest this setting back to 1.0 to see the difference)

    By having Motion Reprojection always enabled, I comfortably went from SteamVR SS 1.3 to 1.6 with Shadows Low to Insane.

    For some reason in VR I don't care too much about Insane Shadows and for performance I reverted back to Low. (Even though Low Shadows creates a occasional horrible Flicker on the Wings of certain Planes.. and any other shadow settings makes shadows pop in and out all over scenery..)

    I haven't done too much settings adjustments, but the point is that having Motion Reprojection enabled is absolutely a game changer.

    Phil, have you been successfully flying with Motion Reprojection since this Forum started?

  • Thank you! Same here. I'd been dialling down my SS and Render Scale factor to compensate. I was just now able to raise RSF from 1.0 to 1.7 without major problems - Not tested in NL yet.

    More supersampling does help sharpness but I'd rather use the GPU to drive extra real pixels.

  • The Odyssey+ at first was a bit uncomfortable compared to the original Odyssey, that goes away quickly.

    The Anti Screen Door is very nice.

    The colors are fantastic!

    The price you are paying is a fair deal.

    Odyssey+ is a great for sims.

    You should have no regrets with resolution compared to other current headsets.

    Of course like Phil said, the Reverb resolution is better, but at twice the price.

  • Thanks for the info. Any comments on FOV compared with other headsets?